August 18, 2019 Have the heart of Jesus (Philippians 2:1-11)

Sermon Outline

God is
the Father.
The One
who was begotten from His bosom is the Son.
He is Jesus Christ (John 1:18).
He did not consider it robbery to be equal with God.
But He became a man even lower than the angels (Phil 2:7).
He obeyed and bowed down before the Father.
This obedience is His death on the cross (Heb 2:9).
In this way,
God gave Him the name that is above every other name.
This name is ‘Jesus’ (Heb 1:4).
Every knee is to bow down before Jesus’ name –
whether they be in heaven, or on the earth, or under the earth.
all glory is given to God the Father (Phil 2:10-11).
This is
the heart of Jesus Christ (Phil 2:5).
We must all have the heart of the Lord through the Holy Spirit.
The heart of the Lord Jesus is humility through and through.
The person of the Holy Spirit is a truly humble saint.
○ God despises the proud,
but lifts up the humble.
Jesus bowed down until death, but God raised Him.
○ The one who saves our spirits
was humble before the Father.
Through His obedience until death, He became our Lord and Savior.
○ Let us respect one another and be humble.
Our Head is the Lord alone.
Let us not try to be the Head.
※ The devil is the head of those who are proud.
Those who are proud become servants of the devil.
Only those who are humble will become servants of God!

Semuon’s Letter