August 25, 2019 The Overseer ordained by the Holy Spirit (Acts 20: 23-35)

Sermon Outline

has established His will before the beginning of creation.
For the sake of His will,
the Son of God was revealed to the world.
The Son is the One who came out from the Father’s bosom – the Son of Man (John 1:18).
He is the Word (John 1:1),
and He is the Truth (John 14:6).
The Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth – has come upon us to testify to this (John 16:13).
The Holy Spirit has come upon the Church
so that He can fulfill on earth (Matt 6:10)
the Father’s will which was accomplished by Jesus Christ (John 6:38-44).
The Church of Jesus
is organized, worked upon, and made perfect by the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:28).
For the sake of the Church, the Holy Spirit has ordained the overseer.
Ordination is the endowment of duties coming from heaven (Acts 13:2-3).
Jesus is the Head of the Church, and the overseer is His servant (Eph 1:22).
The overseer does the Lord’s work through inspiration and the power of faith (1Cor 2:13-14).
Therefore, if anyone tries to hinder his inspiration,
or rejects him as one merely set up by man,
it will unprofitable for their own spirit (Heb 13:17).
All must submit to the works done by the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:1-6).
○ No one knows what happens to the Lord’s servant.
But what is clear is that there is hope.
Even if hardships and persecutions await, there is hope.
○ If one suffers beheading for the sake of the Lord’s work,
that person will gain the First Resurrection and gain Eternal Life.
The glory of the Lord’s servant is to be martyred.
○ Faith is to go after the Bible.
But the world goes after the laws of this world.
The law of God and the law of Caesar are different from each other.
※ Though the flesh may suffer due to the spiritual authority of this world,
our spirits will be blessed through God’s grace. This is our faith!
To be blessed with the blessing from God is our faith!

Semuon’s Letter