September 1, 2019 Attend Worship Service on the Lord’s Day (Hebrews 10:19-25)

Sermon Outline

is eternal.
gave day and night not only to mankind,
but to all the creatures of the earth (Gen 1:3-5).
This is because all creatures get worn out (Ecc 1:8).
God did not rest on the Sabbath because He was worn out,
but He rested because all His work was finished (Gen 2:1).
He commanded us to remember this Day (Exo 20:8-11).
Faith is to understand that the world was created by God (Heb 11:3).
God commanded all those under the first covenant not to work on this Day.
This is so they will remember the Creator (Mark 2:27-28).
God has now given the Lord’s Day to those under the new covenant.
This is so that we will commemorate the Body of the Lord Jesus
and commemorate that the Lord had saved us on this Day (Acts 2:32).
The Lord Jesus resurrected and revealed Himself to His disciples on this Day (John 20:19-20).
This was also the Day on which the Holy Spirit descended (Acts 2:1-4).
We do not rest on this Day,
but we give glorify God and spread this message to the world.
This Day is not the day for the flesh, but the Day for the spirit.
This is known as ‘the Lord’s Day’ (1Cor 16:1-2, Rev 1:10).
◌ The Lord’s Day is the Day of grace for those who have hope.
What is hope?
Hope is to look forward to the Lord Jesus’ return.
◌ The Lord’s Day is the Day on which we love the Lord
and encourage each other to do works of service for the Lord’s sake.
It is the Day on which we do not stay silent but testify.
◌ Some people have the habit of giving up meeting together.
Where does this habit come from?
It is the deception give the Lord Himself to result in spiritual corruption.
※ Let us attend worship service on the Lord’s Day!
Let us not become spiritually corrupt!
Let us preserve our spiritual life!

Semuon’s Letter