August 12, 2018 God’s Will (John 3:13-21)

Sermon Outline

loves the Son.
gave to the world the One He loved
to save the world through Him (Jn 3:16).
Firstly, this was to save them from sins.
Secondly, this was to save them from death.
Thirdly, this was so they gain eternal life through the resurrection of life (Jn 6:38-39).
The Only Begotten Son was given for this reason.
The sun and rain is already given
for the sake of food for the flesh.
Jesus was given for the sake of the spirit (Lk 23:42-43).
In the same way,
God gave the Only Begotten Son for our spirits,
and Jesus gave His blood.
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth who testifies to this.
This is
God’s will.
Everything Jesus did is the Father’s will (Jn 12:48-50).
The works of the Holy Spirit are also His will.
What are we seeking?
◌ Let’s follow the will of God the Father and the Son.
You must live by the Holy Spirit.
You must save your own spirit.
◌ Though your body becomes like Lazarus,
shouldn’t you save your spirit?
Let’s save our spirits.
◌ Be baptized, come out from the world,
be saved from this rebellious generation,
and live only by the Holy Spirit!
※ Let’s follow God’s will!
Instead of planning for the flesh, love your spirit first.
Your saved spirit must be sealed.

Semuon’s Letter

O Lord! My soul is like an extremely small mustard seed. It has finally become a tree, and birds are now resting on it. You have not abandoned your servant, and for over 50 years you have continued to lead him. It has been an inexpressible glory.

During May in the year 1962, on the mountain of Cholong, you called me, and for 10 days I did not drink any water nor eat any food. Constantly on my knees, you made me pray to you, and at that time your servant endlessly shed his tears before you. For a man who was not looked upon at all in the world and did not have anything to eat, you made him into a harvest, and you gave him work to do.

At that time, your servant made to you this vow: ‘I will die for you, My Lord’. When I asked of you, ‘Give your servant work to die for’, you gave me this command: ‘You go and preach the gospel’. To do this, you gave me great power and courage. Along with these, you showed me the harsh path of Golgotha. This road that you showed me was an open road of bright light. Because of this, I always looked upon that road with great joy. But from the day that I came down the mountain, the things that came to me were nothing but persecution and disregard. Nevertheless, you, O Lord, showed me the road of glory. Therefore, I was patient all the way. Just like the name that you gave me – Semuon – (‘he who see but does not speak’) I performed it without fail. Like a donkey that has a bit in her mouth, I carried you, O Lord, on my back, and I continuously walked only on this single path that you showed me.

As I have been going further on this difficult path, I have been thankful and joyful. I, your servant, have now imagined the last glory of death that your servant can receive. I said to myself, ‘Can I endure for at least 10 years?’, and 10 years have passed. Again, another 10 years had passed. And now, suddenly it has been 60 years that have passed. I thank you that you have led me to this door of glory, and now I am resolute to arrive at last at this final victory.

Has this old servant of yours ever had any greed or ambition? I have nothing to envy in this world, nor anything to covet. Like the commanding stature of a general returning from a victorious battle, I am filled with the desire only to hear the sounds of the cheering of the angels of heaven. And for this final moment, just like your servant Stephen, I will lay down my life. Just like your servant Stephen, who had laid down his life for the truth, without any fear, I will also endeavor to lay down my life. To this end, even today, I have received curses all day long.

You, O Lord, have made your servant righteous and have made him holy. But these others, who are cursing me and destroying the church, are now condemning me. By doing so they are continuously denying the precious blood of the glory of the Lord. What you, O Lord, have entrusted to your servant is the command to die for the Return to the Word movement. But these people are cursing me as an instigator of a false religion, and they are trying to put me to shame. Their efforts to do this are doing no help to their own souls, but I do not understand why they do not understand this. I pray that you would have mercy on them.

I pray that you would not glorify the few days that your servant has left to walk on this path while in the flesh, but I pray that you would discipline your servant more painfully. In return, I pray that you would give your servant more comfort, and send down your crown of righteousness. In this way, may your servant gloriously overcome the world. My last wish is that you would take your servant away. When your servant looks at the world, he only sheds tears. But when he looks to heaven, he is blessed.