August 5, 2018 Follow the Law of the Spirit (Romans 8:1-11)

Sermon Outline

is the Father.
saved the world through the Word (Jn 1:17-18).
The Word is God’s will (Jn 12:47-50)
and became God’s righteousness (Mt 6:33).
Animals walk across the earth and return to dust (Gen 3:19).
Since man is a living soul, His flesh will return to dust
whilst his spirit will return to God (Jn 3:4-8).
some spirits cannot return to God –
they are the spirits of those who do not believe (Mt 25:41).
As their spirits are dead, their souls also go to hell.
We clearly know these truths.
The difference between ‘Berea’ and general doctrine
is that they are different in spiritual fullness (Eph 1:23).
Satan (that is, the devil) is a corrupted angel (Rev 12:7-9).
Demons are the dead spirits of unbelievers.
This is the teaching of Berea. This is biblical (Mt 12:43-45).
All sin and faults will be forgiven, but those who
oppose the Law of the Spirit will never be forgiven (Mt 12:31-37).
◌ The Christian faith
only follows the Law of the Spirit.
The Law of the Spirit is above the Law and conscience.
◌ Those who receive the Holy Spirit
yet do not follow His Law are corrupt.
It is impossible for those who are corrupt to repent.
◌ If those who know the Law of the Spirit continue to deliberately sin,
they have no sacrifice left for atonement.
They only await God’s punishment and judgement.
※ Berea is the cradle for the God-centered faith.
Let’s gain the resurrection by the God-centered faith!
Following the Law of the Spirit is Berea!

Semuon’s Letter

The ones who establish the Church are the Holy Spirit and the Word. If a man tries to directly establish a church himself, the righteousness of man becomes its standard. All those under the Law of Moses were condemned, and the conclusion was that there was no one righteous and that there was no one that was holy. We are all those that had died through the Law, and we had but to await eternal punishment. However, we have received grace by the love of God and the merit of Jesus Christ, which together, is righteousness. The appearing of the Church is only through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Where there is no grace, there is only a celebration of condemnation, doubt, and hatred. And the power who works behind all this is the accuser, the devil (Ephesians 2:2). However, through the grace of Jesus Christ we have received salvation from sins, and we have received freedom from the Law. In place of the Law of Moses, we are led by the Law of God’s love, that is, the Law of the Holy Spirit. The one who is led by the Law of the Holy Spirit, is the one who is free at once. And if He has set us free, then we are free at once.

Do not be deceived. These dividers who are ruining the church right now are those who are rejecting grace, that is, the love of God and the merit of Jesus Christ. Look! Those who do not believe in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ have only condemnation against others coming out of their mouths. These words belong to the spirit that speaks only lies.

The way that I overcame the world is by receiving the abundance of the grace of the Lord Jesus and the love of God. Therefore, even though the strong winds blow, and the great waves crash forward, making the small boat shake violently, the Lord will set up a pillar for us to lean on. The Lord himself will give us peace. The Lord’s peace is our faith. If the wind blows and you believe it, then you have no faith. If you look at the peace of Jesus Christ and you abide with Him, then you have faith. And that peace itself becomes your own faith. For my whole life I have performed the Semuon (‘He who see but does not speak’). It is difficult and disheartening, but it becomes great power which protects me.

Someone threatened me not to write another Pine-Bamboo-Rock Address (The Pastoral Address) on the Lord’s Day pamphlet. When each saint can meet with other saints every day, cannot the Senior Overseer, at least once a week, write an address by which he meets the saints? Why does that person threaten me not to write? This is the attempt to try and cut off the emotional bond between the Senior Overseer with his church members, and therefore, the attempt to erase Semuon completely. The sparrow chirps, and the worm wriggles. In the same way, this is how Semuon sings his chirp and this is how Semuon wriggles.

Who is trying to stop you from writing? Is it an angel of heaven? Or an authority on this earth? As long as,I, Semuon, am breathing, I will strive to tell the truth in the Pine-Bamboo-Rock Address. Because I am a human, I suffer pain, I get discouraged, I get anxious, and I also rejoice. I am grateful to express these things with what time I have left. Do not slander Semuon any longer. The Lord will come soon. And I, Semuon, will go before the Lord and seek comfort from him directly.