July 29, 2018 The Identity of the God-Centered Faith (Ephesians 1:15-23)

Sermon Outline

is one and only.
gave the trinitarian faith to the world by His word.
This faith is the everlasting Rock (Mt 16:16-17).
‘The church’ does not refer to a building but to a congregation.
The congregation is the church.
The church is Jesus Christ’s body (Eph 1:21-23).
Jesus Christ did not come on His own (Jn 12:49)
but came to fulfill the will of God the Father (Jn 6:38-39).
The will of God the Father is to save the world
through the Son whom He sent (Jn 3:16).
He will take those who are saved to heaven (Jn 14:1-3)
and give them a status higher than the angels there.
This is so they will receive the same glory as God’s Son
and stand eternally before heaven’s throne (Rom 8:16-17).
The congregational church does not refer to a democracy.
It refers absolutely to God-centeredness.
It is accepting Jesus Christ as the head and becoming His body.
Humanism has a higher committee and this becomes the church’s head.
The Holy Spirit leads His church even today (Acts 2:28).
◌ Doctrine refers to a humanistic concept.
But faith follows God-centeredness
and eternally follows God’s will.
◌ The church is not a democracy.
God’s will is its truth
and Jesus Christ alone is its life.
◌ Through the humanism known as ‘democracy’,
people speak worldly language and the world listens to them.
Those who belong to God only listen to the truth.
※ Sungrak Church stands on the Rock of the God-centered faith.
The authority of Hades cannot overcome
this spiritual church of Jesus Christ.

Semuon’s Letter

My beloved Sungrak people, I truly love you.

Please understand the things that I am telling you with the authority as the founder and Senior Overseer of the church. The Christian church is not founded on the accumulated gathering of people’s opinions. All things that have been done by the will of man are buried by baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. All things that have been done by the will of man have proven to be sin, which is opposed to God. In this way, all souls are destined to perish. However, by Jesus Christ’s mercy and his sacrifice on the cross, we have been saved. Therefore, what we believe is not from man, but it is what God has defined for us.

God existed before all man, as the eternal being, but created man and the created universe, giving them free will. In other words, He let us make a choice: to follow the will of nature, or to follow the will of the Creator. He makes those who follow the will of nature perish and takes those who follow the will of the Creator to heaven. Therefore, all religions have emerged on their own, while the Christian church was chosen by God, not emerging out of nature.

Man did not create faith, but man only follows the faith that God has chosen for him. For this reason, God commanded the world to possess this faith, in the likeness of the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep. The Lord Jesus is our shepherd and those who were purchased by His bloodare His sheep. God completely preserves this relationship. Therefore, true faith is that we all kneel down before the name of Jesus and follow Him. This is the fulfillment of the Scripture (John 17:10-13).

After the Lord Jesus went up to heaven, the Holy Spirit came and appointed a shepherd whom everyone can see, so that he, as the Overseer of the church, may take care of the sheep that were purchased by the blood of God. The Overseer is, therefore, the one who fulfills God’s will with the fullness of the joy of the Holy Spirit and of His blood.

My beloved Sungrak people!

The Christian church is not an assembly where people gather their opinions to decide matters. Man’s will can only be used to seek God’s help and receive his answer(Matthew 6:33), and no more than that. In the church,there exists only God’s will, that is, His own purpose. Jesus Christ is God’s will(that is, the Picture of God’s Will). The Overseer is the one who has authority to lead the sheep with the inspiration of the shepherd. Therefore, if the Overseer loses this authority, he cannot gain God’s inspiration.

From now on, take control of your emotions. Understand that all the thoughts of the flesh cannot please God, but only opposes Him. Please repent and turn your hearts to Him. Let us all repent and return to Jesus.

Senior Overseer Ki-Dong Kim