Blessing (2 Timothy 3:2)

It is God who gives blessings. People regularly say, “Bless you”, but it is God who gives blessings, not another god or person.

1. People who only see the finger

When we say we are blessed, we should acknowledge God who sends these blessings. We should not think these blessings are independent from God and the rights to own them are transferred to us. We say that we want blessing, but we have become unconcerned about God who sends them. It is like a person looking only at the finger and not at the moon the finger is pointing to.

2. People’s self-centered nature

This attitude arises from people’s self-centered nature. “Since I learned everything, you are no longer my teacher.” “Since I gained everything there is to gain from you, I don’t need you.” This is no different with how we behave before God. “Because I am already blessed, God’s affairs are not my concern.” God’s intent is that we wake up from this attitude and have the inspiration to think from His perspective. Isn’t this the heart of the Berea Movement?

3. The heart is the connection to God

Blessings are sent by God. Consequently, when we are blessed, we receive the blessings given by God. “God bless you.” “I am blessed by God.” “I have been blessed by God.” When we talk about blessings, we should always acknowledge that the blessings we enjoy come from God and that they are connected to Him.

August 8, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim