Change (Mark 7:1-23)

Many believers misunderstand the meaning of salvation. They think the disposition to sin in them completely disappears from the moment they believe in Jesus. Since they ignore the struggle against sin (which they should start when they believe in Him), they display in the church the habits that they had in the world. God’s work should be handled by the church, but it gets restricted because of them.

1. The disposition to sin

Though we believe in Jesus and are forgiven of our sins, the disposition to sin remains in us (Rom 7:24). When we believe in Jesus, God does not automatically change us into people separate from the disposition to sin. This misunderstanding stops even the effort to change. We should try to change ourselves. When we do, the Holy Spirit will intervene and bring real change (Gal 5:22-23).

2. Led by the word

To bring change, you should not receive the word as mere knowledge and load it in your minds, but you should be led by this word (Heb 13:7). In the domain of your personal life, you should adjust your character so that when God’s word tells you, “Do this. Do that.”, it will sound sweet. We should not stubbornly hold to the heart and character of our old selves and drift away from God. We should humbly support the work God does through the church like people of repentance (Col 1:24).

3. The purpose of the new command

When the Lord gave us the command to ‘love one another’, this does not mean each of us should be morally perfect (Jn 13:34). When we keep this command, the ministry of salvation that God does through the church can be more effective (Jn 15:4). Let’s safeguard an acceptable environment by obeying the Lord’s new command so that the church can save all people and raise them to be workers of the Gospel.

August 1, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim