December 20, 2020 Lord’s Day Service

Enter through the Narrow Gate

(Matthew 7:13-14)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is spirit.
filled all the earth with human beings (Gen 1:28).
Those who are called and come out from them are saved (Gen 6:7-9).
Since no one enters heaven with human thoughts (Rom 8:6-8),
you can only enter by God’s chosen will (Mt 19:24-26).
God’s will is the very narrow gate.
As the truth enables the camel to enter the eye of a needle,
it is God’s will and the narrow gate.
There is much culture, knowledge and wisdom in the world.
But they will all burn in the fire (Mt 13:49-50).
None of it can enter into life.
What God revealed was through His Son (Jn 6:39).
If God’s Son does not do it this way, you cannot enter (Heb 5:7-9).
He was killed on the cross, and after He was buried,
He returned to God. This is the narrow gate.
must unite with Jesus and bury everything they have (Rom 6:3-4).
Only the spirit can enter by His grace and truth.
Since the spirit can easily pass through the eye of a needle,
the spirit enters the narrow gate.
〇 The Word came to the earth
to guide spirits into the narrow gate.
〇 Nothing you gained in the world can pass through this gate.
You can only enter by the merit of Jesus’ cross
and by the blood of Jesus.
〇 The Lord Jesus came to call sinners
and came to die for sinners.
He shed blood so that sinners can be justified.
※ The narrow gate is the truth, which saves us.
The truth is faith, and faith is the narrow gate.
You must go beyond your own righteousness and receive grace to enter.