Expectation (Ephesians 3:7-21)

If you receive anything for a price, it is meant to be preserved. It is not a gift. If you receive a gift without cost, it is grace (Eph 2:8). But there is something you must remember.
When someone gives a gift, he has an inward expectation of the person who receives it. God has great expectations of those who are saved.

1. Those who understand the value of God’s grace

God wants those who accept the Gospel to understand the value of His grace. People who know how this grace is given and how great it is have a resolute mind to repay it. The Lord gave away His life to save us – who were sinners, He protects us to the end, and trains us so that we can finally reach heaven. The fruit which God expects is the heart that understands this great grace and repays it.

2. Those who are suited for the system of God’s kingdom

God wants us to adjust ourselves so that we understand the system of God’s kingdom and conform to it. Believing the Gospel does not mean you save knowledge in your head. It refers to living a new life as those connected with God. Since God gave us the rights of heaven, He wants us to fulfill our responsibility as those who are called by God.

3. Those who are inspired by God’s love

Furthermore, God wants us to be deeply inspired by His love. This inspiration maintains our new lives to the end, and it is the driving force that allows us to successfully preach our Gospel to other people. Preaching the Gospel is not about preaching some information you came across. It is testifying to the impact you had. Therefore, instead of receiving God’s word as mere knowledge, let’s use all of our hearts to understand the Lord’s heart.

May 16, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim