February 16, 2020 The Violent Take it by Force (Matthew 11:12-19)

is eternal and limitless.
created the world and put mankind there.
They are in God’s Image, according to His Likeness (Gn 1:26-27).
Jesus Christ purchased them by His blood (Acts 20:28),
and gave them His life and name (Jn 1:12).
He did this so they could enter and be one with Him (Jn 17:11).
If you become one with Jesus, the kingdom, power and glory will together
be yours (Jn 14:20-21).
In the First Covenant, the Israelites gained
the land, power and glory of Canaan (Ps 105:4-11).
Since the New Covenant, the gates of heaven were opened (Mt 11:12)
so the things of heaven, not the things of earth, could be gained (Mt 4:17).
Those baptized in Jesus’ name can take the kingdom of heaven by force.
If they try to throw off demons’ authority, they can easily do it (Mk 16:17).
If they try to rise from the dead, they can (Mt 10:8).
If the blind want to see light, they easily will (Mt 12:22).
If they try to gain the Inspiration of the Five Loaves and Two Fish, they easily will (Mt 14:17-21).
Do not try to live as descendants of Abraham on this earth (Jn 8:58),
but receive the authority as God’s children
and throw off the flesh and Hades (Jn 11: 25-26).
○ Since eternity past, no one could enter the kingdom of heaven.
But now the violent take it by force.
○ Those who believe are given the keys of the kingdom of heaven (Mt 16:19).
If they try to open the gates of heaven, they can easily do it.
Do not wait to be healed, but take the healing by force.
○ Do not wait to be blessed, but obey and be blessed.
Whoever it is – they should gain the things of heaven.
They should gain the works of the Holy Spirit.
※ Come out from the grave (that is, Hades) and be conveyed into the kingdom.
Do not remain in judgement, but come out and enter heaven.
Let’s run towards heaven – where we could not go until now.