February 23, 2020 Love Your Friends’ Spirits (John 15:1-15)

is the Farmer.
Just as He
fulfilled His will in heaven, He fulfilled it on earth
by sowing His Son in the world (Mt 6:10).
He compared Himself to a vine
so He could bear much fruit the same way (Jn 15:1-2).
For the vine to bear fruit, the branch must remain attached.
If the branch is not attached to the tree, it will dry up naturally
and perish without fruit (Jn 15:5).
Fruit is to save spirits. Your spirit must make many disciples
for God to be glorified (Jn 15:8).
If your spirit does not make disciples, it will be removed (Jn15:6).
As the vine follows the farmer’s will and expectation,
this is our faith:
as the Son is glorified by God’s will,
we must follow the Lord’s will (Jn 15:1)
and keep His commands as Jesus’ disciples.
Those who save spirits by His command (Jn 15:10-11)
abide in His love and are full of His joy.
Those who save spirits by evangelism do not work alone.
This is done by God working, the Son providing the sap,
and through the Holy Spirit (Jn 15:16-17).
○ Christ acts by God’s will
and Jesus’ disciples believe by Jesus’ will.
○ Jesus’ command is to save spirits.
Those who do not save their friends’ spirits break His command.
○ Saving spirits pleases God and glorifies Him.
Save plenty of spirits as your fruit.
The joy of faith to be full of saved fruits.
※ Let’s save other spirits. Supply your faith and save spirits.
My faith is grace and truth.
Save your friends’ spirits by grace and truth.