February 25, 2018 Keep the Holy Day (Hebrew 10:19-25)

Sermon Outline

is the Father.
created the world and everything in it for His Son (Heb 1:2).
He gave it to Him as His inheritance (Heb 1:3).
The Son humbly obeyed (Phil 2:6-8)
and entered the world to taste death (Heb 2:9).
This was to receive all those the Father gave Him (Jn 17:6).
He gave the Holy Spirit to the spirits purchased by His blood
to seal and protect them (2 Cor 1:21).
The Holy Spirit created the Church (Acts 20:28).
The Church is called the Body of Jesus Christ (Eph 1:23).
He did this so they would not scatter (Jn 10:11).
The Holy Day must be sternly kept, like not eating the forbidden fruit.
The Sabbath and the Lord’s Day both belong to the Lord (Mk 2:27-28).
Those who broke the Sabbath were stoned.
Likewise, the Lord’s Day is also holy (Isa 58:13).
If you eagerly wait for the Lord’s Day, you are holy.
Let’s remember that
Jesus rose again on this Day
and the Holy Spirit came on this Holy Day (Heb 10:23-25).
◌ The Church is the Lord’s Body.
On this Holy Day, we treat the Lord’s Body as holy.
The Holy Day and the Lord’s Day are one.
◌ Giving up meeting together
is giving up on the Lord Jesus
and betraying Him.
◌ Keeping the Lord’s Day
is believing and expecting the Lord Jesus will return.
This is the Lord Jesus’ command.
※ Let’s keep the Holy Day.
Let’s demonstrate faith that overcomes the world!
This Day must be joyful like meeting with the Lord Jesus!

Semuon’s Letter

When I started my pastoral ministry, I could have registered with an established denomination and start my post at the church that they appointed me, but I did not do that. I instead chose to walk on the difficult path of starting my own church. I refused to embrace the contradictions that the established denomination tried to impose on me. The one who appoints the pastor is God, not man. To be more specific, it is the Holy Spirit who appoints the pastor according to the will of God. Therefore, the pastor must work according to the will of God. If he does not do so, he will be forsaken by God. On the other hand, if he works in the way God wants him to, God will establish him ever more firmly.

The pastor is not an employee employed by the church. But he is the servant of God who is to work to the death at the place that God sends him to. But before I started my ministry, this is what I witnessed: those who were called and chosen by God as his servants would ultimately corrupt themselves into the slaves of man in the establishment of a secularized church. I did not want to become a servant of man employed by another man, but I earnestly desired to become a servant of God employed only by God. For this reason, I chose to walk on the path of starting my own church to build up a church with a renewed established order. And I have been walking on this path my whole life. I sought only the inspiration of God. And through the revelation given by Him, and by His wisdom, knowledge and power, I have sought to do my work.

As a church grows and the area of work begins to spread, more pastors are required to undertake this work. Normally, you can invite a pastor from outside the church to fulfill this requirement, but, as the overseer, I only ordained and appointed pastors that I personally taught, and I intend to keep this tradition. The vine produces branches, and from those branches, even smaller branches come out and produce fruit. No one can deny that the fruits, which hang from the vine, all began from the cultivating work done by the farmer at the root.

Faith must come out solely from God. Faith cannot come out from man’s logic, his will, or his desires. Yet to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God—children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.’’ (John 1:12-13) Believers are not those who are born from man, but they are born of God. If this is so, should this not be the case even more so for the pastor?

Therefore, I did not invite a pastor from an outside church or an outside denomination nor appoint him as an assistant pastor. I only appointed those who I taught and inspired to obey what they have learned. And I set them up to do the work of our church. However, if they depart from the vine by themselves, they will naturally wither away and finally they will not be able to do anything. (John 15:5) In the same manner, I did not register with the established denominations, but started a new church in order not to repeat their errors. It is in this way that I started on this harsh road of starting a new church.

The overseer is not the servant of man, but the servant of God. The assistant overseer is not the servant of man, but the servant of God who is attached to the branch that hangs from the original vine. (John 15:4) One must distinguish what is the servant of God and what is the servant of man. To be a servant of God alone, I held on solely to the revelation of God, lived my life as one who established my own church.