March 4, 2018 Jesus was Sentenced to Death (Matthew 27:11-26)

Sermon Outline

God is
absolutely perfect.
did all His works for His Son,
received glory, and saved mankind (Jn 19:30).
Jesus was sentenced to death
and sentenced to be crucified (Jn 19:15-16).
The cross is death and a tree of curse (Gal 3:13).
At the time,
the King of the Jews died (Jn 19:19)
and the Son of God lived (Acts 2:32).
The law died (Heb 8:13)
and the truth resurrected (Jn 16:13-14).
The sins of man died (Rom 7:6)
and God’s righteousness lived (Rom 8:33).
• The first Adam died (Rom 5:19)
and the Last Adam lived (Rom 5:17).
• The first covenant was abolished (Heb 7:18)
and the New Covenant was founded (Heb 8:8-10).
• Under Pilate, the innocent Nazarene died (Mat 27:24)
but resurrected in believers by the Holy Spirit (Jn 14:17).
◌ Who is the Living One in the Church?
Jesus Christ.
The Lord Jesus saves our spirits.
◌ Who is Master of your household?
Jesus Christ – who died on the cross and rose again.
He is everlasting life.
◌ Who oversees our spirits?
Jesus oversees them
by the Holy Spirit’s power.
※ This was a historical event
fulfilled in heaven and on earth simultaneously.
This is God’s eternal will.

Semuon’s Letter

In the whole span of my life, the year 2017 was the most humiliating year. That year was as graphic as in the past days when I used all my strength to save at least one more soul. So that I could preach the gospel, I traveled back and forth for long distances like a mad man. “Please give me just 10 souls! Please give me just 10 souls!”. Such prayers never stopped pouring forth out of my mouth.

There was even a time when I carried the corpse of a dead man on my back. I carried it to my church from a distance of 12 kilometers. The purpose was that I could save the souls of that man’s family. And I prepared the construction fee for constructing the worship center, and I sold the house that belonged to my mother. It was only a short period of 1 month and 5 days, but I had to take my mother out of that house. Even amidst those circumstances, every week I led revival crusade. If I received a salary, I contributed it for the maintenance of my church. The church desperately needed a large sum of money, so I even went to beg for money at the head office of ChoHeung Bank 21 times.

Every day they refused to let me in. But I did not give up. I prayed earnestly to the point that my eye lashes became white. At the beginning stages of founding the church, my wife studied at the theological seminary, but already worn out, went around to the families of the church members. She went to visit them, give them counsel and teach them. She was pregnant with twins but because of accumulated stress, she had a miscarriage. When the church membership grew, for the sake of the saints, 10 worship services were necessary on the Lord’s Day. With the determination to put work myself to death, every Lord’s Day I preached ten times. For my whole life I have ministered with inspiration. With a devotion that had no limits, I nurtured the church so that it would be truly a global church. And even now, I am continuing the ‘Return to the Word Berea Movement’ with my whole life dedicated to it.

From the first day of the founding of the church, I did not lay a hand on the offerings of the church. I always put a wall between pastoral ministry and finances. But there have been people who have been jealous of the blessings that I have received. They are even suing me, accusing me of abusing the church’s money arbitrarily. Because of this, I went under examination and investigation. I was discharged as free from almost all the charges. There are still proceedings that are being carried out. But I, Semuon, am confident that I will be fairly vindicated. I have already made the firm and determined resolution to confront the accusations to the end.

But in the past when there were those who truly loved the church and the overseer, there are now many who do not show their support. But I am running this race with the spirit that I had when I first started this church. The Holy Spirit is the one who established the church. Whilst the church faces these difficulties, the Holy Spirit has poured out His inspiration and truth abundantly to it. Therefore, our church has become stronger. For this I am thankful. I am very old, and it is as if I am at the very edge of life. But now, my soul sees a new road. I hear the vehement cries and prayers of the saints who still love the church and I, indeed, gain strength.

During the previous year, the time from March to April, was a time of curse for me. On the other hand, it was a time of blessing. At first, I was extremely shocked, but the Lord gives me the faith that comes from peace. The Lord has cleansed my soul and has given strength to my soul. My flesh and my honor have died, but my soul lives and continues to do God’s work.

As I see these people who are marching with banners and placards across the streets and are cursing the church on loud microphones. It is clear that they are hurling curses at the name of Christ. I ask myself if these people truly seek the kingdom of God? Because of their great disruption, it has become more difficult to spread the gospel. It has become difficult for church members to go around openly. Just whose offspring are these people? This year I, Semuon, will become more steadfast. Sungrak Church will become even more full of the Holy Spirit. And the saints will love the church abundantly.