March 11, 2018 Lay up Treasures in Heaven (Matthew 6:19-21)

Sermon Outline

created heaven.
He also created the world.
Everything in the world
is a copy of what is in heaven (Heb 8:5).
Human civilization is a copy of what is in heaven.
Do not hold to copies and shadows (Lk 12:20).
Greater blessing is to gain the realities in heaven.
Giving to God is the blessings laid up in heaven (2 Cor 9:5).
What are blessings in heaven?
Earthly possessions are copies of heavenly possessions.
With copies, you cannot save your spirit (Lk 16:25)
or possess blessings in your spirit (Mat 6:20).
Earthly possessions are not blessings.
They are copies of realities in heaven.
Earthly blessings are merely images.
The reality of blessings are in heaven.
Whenever you give offerings (Mal 3:16-18),
you possess realities in heaven in equal amount.
God will record these
in His book of life and remember them.
◌ Be willing to give for your spirit.
Giving to God is receiving blessings in heaven.
Let us possess eternal realities in heaven.
◌ Willingly giving your earthly possessions
is laying up blessings in heaven.
This is faith.
Do not obsess about earthly copies,
but lay up realities in heaven.
The offerings you give do not disappear. They are in heaven.
※ If you hold to earthly copies,
you cannot possess blessings in heaven.
Devote yourself to God and increase blessings in heaven.

Semuon’s Letter

I look at back at the 60 years of my life of faith. What is clear is that I loved the church and I trusted in the Lord. During all this time, I received constant persecution from the outside world. There probably has been no Korean who has received as much persecution as me. Did I receive persecution because of my foolishness? Or did I receive persecution because I was not intelligent? I generally never participated in the activities of the religious world. I never tried to make my name known to those people. This was because I was concerned that people would be shocked and offended at my name.

At another time, someone who was in a prestigious position made card invitations to call various important people to a certain religious event. But he was so concerned over whether I would attend the event, that he suddenly stopped making the invitation cards. What is more, he even called me several times not to come to that event. But I insisted to go there. When I went there, I saw his face turn deathly pale as soon as he saw me. Such similar incidents have happened to me three times.

I was excluded, disrespected, and alienated. But then, I was reminded of the fact that the Lord endured all these things to the full: He persevered, He held fast and finally He was hung on the cross. So I said to myself, “The sorrow that I am enduring is nothing to me! I am not yet dead! My body is still alive and moving! For years, no, for decades, I shall endure! I will receive glory! I will persevere and hold fast to the end!”

Such a whirlpool of difficulties has come upon me. But there are others, who on the pretext of offering me consolation, come pompously to me. They only come to gain something from me. It was not that I was afraid of them. I only had the good-willed intention of giving them assistance. I made my efforts to help them, and I listened to their requests. Looking back, they were merely those who took advantage of the fact that I was receiving persecution from the outside world. They used it only for their own advantage. Such unfortunate exchanges from people have happened in my life so many times, that it is hard to even mention it.

The path that I have travelled is a swamp land, a jungle, a wasteland where savage beasts dwell. This path is a rugged path where only few people can cross. But I have regarded that walking on this path is the cross that I must bear. What is clearest to me is the fact that I have never departed from the Bible as a workman who mediates the gospel. I have given my devotion until death to take after the Bible.

By the means of the flesh, this might not be regarded as a proud-worthy accomplishment. But according to the spirit, this is not at all the case. I have lived solely for God. I have received persecution solely for Him. If I would fear persecution and so stop to testify, if I would talk like all the other people in the outside world, if I would lead a ministry that manifests no power, and if could conduct a ministry that deals with politics, I could be a famous person, who is not so ostracized by the world.

But instead, I am joyful. To be able to count the few days that I have left makes me all the more joyful. I have blessings ahead of me. I have a reward. I have set this reward as a sign, and I am longingly running towards it. For the past 60 years I walked with the Lord. I am nothing but grateful.