March 18, 2018 Become a Christian (Romans 8:1-9)

Sermon Outline

is the Father.
He made one man from the dust,
and poured into him the breath of life.
He became a living soul (Gen 2:7).
The rest of mankind was made from dust and will return to dust.
But God desires that the living soul live eternally in heaven (Jn 3:16).
The ancient Nephilim were made only from dust (Gen 5:2).
They met their end in the flood.
But God poured eternal value on the living soul (Gen 6:2).
Because the rest of mankind was from dust, they will return to dust (Gen 3:19).
They cannot become sons of God (Rom 8:14).
But the living soul and his descendants became God’s children
to accompany God’s Son (Jn 1:12)
Those born of dust have fleshly desires
and think only of fleshly things (Rom 8:5).
But those born of spirit receive spiritual inspiration.
They understand God’s will and walk with Him.
God gave the Holy Spirit to the living souls.
He made them Christians (Rom 8:9).
They will inherit heaven with Jesus (Rom 8:17).
◌ To become people of God,
you must receive the spirit of Jesus Christ.
You must receive the spirit sent by Jesus.
◌ If you do not have the spirit of Jesus Christ,
you can never belong to heaven.
Only those born of spirit are spiritual beings.
◌ In the flesh, you can still be religious.
But those born of spirit are spiritual saints.
They become true Christians.
※ In short, you must be born again.
You must receive the Holy Spirit
and live by the Holy Spirit.

Semuon’s Letter

For my whole life, the reason that I have been carrying out the Return to the Word movement of faith is because God called me. He gave me a responsibility and duty to do. For the past 60 years I have endlessly been receiving persecution and alienation. But my will has been steadfast because it was the work that God himself has given me. This work and my faith are one.

If I did not carry out the Berea Movement, who would be capable of carrying it out? For the past several thousand years, there have been martyrs and there have been those who were called by God. But the work given to me is not only one that has never been given in the past, it is a work that you will never be able to find anywhere else. It is a most lonesome work. Just who would be able to bear this work their whole lives? That is why I feel this responsibility is most precious.

I have received a sure calling from God. In the previous year, if you just look at what has happened to the church, you will be able to comprehend it. If I had only just listened and yielded to those people who raised their voices and decided to give up practicing the Berea Movement, those remaining people who still wished to support the Berea Movement would have collapsed. All throughout the previous half century, I have said not even one word of reply to those who have criticized me. But, like a madman I have kept pursuing and leading the Berea Movement. In the future, only the one who is determined to die, and is determined to be forsaken by the world, and will carry on after me, will be able to succeed to the work that I have been doing.

The path that the Lord has walked on may look foolish in the eyes of the world. But one must never criticize the work of God and ruin it according to the desires of man. Remembering the way Jesus rebuked Peter, one must not do the work of Satan. I am a man who belongs to the Lord. In the same way that a lamb is caught, and its meat is torn apart and thrown into the fire as a burnt sacrifice, the Lord will use me, and I will simply obey. I have received the calling of God and I am walking on this path. But it is not a path that will end in glory. It will end in suffering and death. God has entrusted me with a task and I receive it with thankfulness and obedience.

When the people saw Jesus hanging on the cross, they shouted out to him, “Come down from the cross!” Did Jesus ever jump back down? He did no such thing. I am already an offering that has been placed upon the Lord’s altar. Therefore, there is no sadness, there is no pain, there is no anger, or there is no injury. Just as a woman who has just started to experience the pains of child birth, must fully carry it through until the child is delivered, this is the work that I must bear.

There are some who are foolishly calling the removal of the An-Dong Kim family a ‘reformation’ and they are trying to spread this idea. With such an evil intent as clear as day, would God be pleased with them? Rather than interfering with a flock that has already been cultivated by someone else, it is more righteous before God to start one’s own church. Try starting a new church and building a worship center! Then you will understand the reason why Sungrak Church grew in the way it did. I exhort this message to everyone.

So long as God gives me health and strength, I will keep striving forward. I will not yield the determination that I had when I started this church. My church will be an eternal church. I will fight the desires of man with the desires of God. This is the true calling that I have received, and I will carry it through for the rest of my life.