March 25, 2018 The Sour Wine (John 19:28-30)

Sermon Outline

is living.
He sent His Son to the world
as the Son of Man to taste death (Heb 2:9).
God raised Jesus back to life (Acts 2:32).
God lives eternally and does not change (Heb 4:12).
This is our faith.
It must not change (Rev 14:4).
The Israelites who were sealed numbered 144,000.
They did not change their faith (Rev 7:4).
They were with Jesus since the beginning.
The wine the Lord Jesus drinks at the cross
must be new (Jn 19:30).
He did not drink sour wine passed its date.
The Lord Jesus’ blood and flesh are new. They are the New Covenant (Heb 9:18).
Since the Lord shed His blood,
we should offer Him new wine. He is thirsty.
We should not be unwilling and give sour wine passed its date.
We must know why the Lord is thirsty (Mat 25:35).
He did not seek to be drunk on wine at the cross.
He was only thirsty.
◌ The Lord Jesus does not need
wine passed its date, that is, sour wine.
He is yearning for living and new wine.
◌ The Law is passed its date. It is sour wine.
If we seek to please God through the Law,
The Lord will spit them out.
◌ He reaps the truth through the Gospel.
We must become people of truth.
We can offer ourselves to Him by the Holy Spirit.
※ Our faith must not be sour wine
but fresh new wine.
Let us offer drink to the Lord Jesus!

Semuon’s Letter

What Elisha was seeking and pursuing was not Elijah’s outer appearance or knowledge.He was seeking the inspiration that he had received from God.

When people sought after me, it was not because of my outer appearance, my wealth, or any sort of authority. I was a shy, unsophisticated and penniless village boy. But when God gave me the fullness of his inspiration, people started to seek after me. It went even to the point that people were being jealous, fighting and boasting over whether they really knew my teachings. Such a thing had never occurred in the past. But what people were seeking was the inspiration of God that was within me.

This inspiration that was in me in the past is still in me today to its fullness. The work of the Lord Jesus and the will of God the Father that was accomplished through this work is still in me in its fullness. I named it The Picture of God’s Will, and for my whole life time I have been walking on this single path. From the year 1962 when I first took hold of that inspiration and until this day, I did not move to the right or the left. I taught only The Picture of God’s Will. This was my life time’s mission and life for my soul.

The moment that I started to teach The Picture of God’s Will, many people persecuted me and slandered me. These people who tried to set up their own will ended up opposing The Picture of God’s Will. Therefore, they could not accept me. The Bible is like a mirror that reflects your soul. If you look at it, whoever you are, you will know who isright. Why do you not look at your souls through the Bible? The Bible is the mirror. Our soul must also be a mirror that reflects the Bible. Why do the saints today not equal at all the saints that are shown in the Bible? If the saints shown in the Bible had power, should not we,today, also possess this power? The Bible and our souls must be one.

The world and Semune are both going in their own prospective paths. So whether the world loves me or not holds no importance to me. All that I know isThe Picture of God’s Will.So whether I preach or conduct my pastoral ministry, my soul will follow The Picture of God’s Will. The inspiration that I possess is The Picture of God’s Will. This is the inspiration that I have received by revelation from God. It is power. It is truth. It is life.

He who has experienced birth will most certainly experience death. And to die once is a path decided by God for all of us. The important thing is that many people consider death to be the end. But the fact is that a man has as a soul. If the flesh gives up its life, the soul alone will remain and receive judgement from God. Who will be able to endure this terrible judgment?

Some people, after their flesh has died, will become demons without facing any judgment.In the end they will receive eternal punishment. Other souls will receive the judgement that judges good and evil. But the souls that know the Lord Jesus will enter into paradise, resurrect and finally enter heaven. I, Semuon, have inspiration within me.