February 4, 2018 Call the Name of Jesus (Romans 10:1-15)

Sermon Outline

is one and only.
is our only life (John 17:3),
and our only salvation (John 3:16).
Who is God?
He is the only one of your soul.
He is the beginning and end of your soul (Revelation 22:13).
do not try to preserve your own name,
but preserve the name of Jesus (2 Corinthians 13:5).
For your soul to live and overcome,
call the name of Jesus.
To overcome the authority of hades (Mark 16:16-20),
call the name of Jesus.
To overcome the devil and demons (Mark 16:17),
call the name of Jesus.
To overcome sin and poverty,
call the name of Jesus.
We can be filled with His name
through the Holy Spirit.
To overcome your desires,
call even louder on the name of Jesus.
Raise the authority of the name of Jesus.
◌ If the saving Word is on your lips,
it will also be in your heart.
Call and praise the name of Jesus.
◌ He who calls on the name of Jesus is not a sinner.
He is a child of God.
If you are full of the Holy Spirit, you will call His name.
※ Call even louder on the name of Jesus and light up your soul!
Light up your soul!
And light up your family!

Semuon’s Letter

I truly shed many tears after coming to know the living God, His name and the Nazarene who, in this name, came into the world as the Immanuel. God whom I met did not appear in a majestic court, wearing silk garments, and having boisterous authority. Rather, He was an ordinary man, a poor and common person with nothing special in outward appearance. He appeared in the world in the status as a carpenter’ son, a job of manual labor.  When I heard the words of the Holy Spirit that that very person is my God, I was shocked. Our God is not a God far from me, nor is He difficult to find. His circumstances were no different to mine, and I am not ashamed though I stand by His side. When I found out that He is our very God, I was overcome with great joy and shock.

The title, ”God“ indicates the One who is greater than the life of man, greater than the life of the soul. It is the noun that is the height of life – the truth of eternal life. It designates the height of eternal life that gives life to my soul. Therefore, we call Him, “Father”. Father denotes the highest and greatest who is One and Only. He let His Son die according to the desires of man, and did nothing even though they committed another murder to confirm His death. Three days after He died and was buried in the tomb, God raised Him back to life from the dead by His Holy Spirit. And in the midst of the sight of hundreds of His disciples, He went up to heaven and finally sat down at the right hand of God. From there, He received all the kingdom, the power and the glory from the Father. He also asked the Father and sent the Holy Spirit Paraclete to the world. And today, according to our faith, our souls have received and welcomed Him in.

The Holy Spirit is the One who raised Jesus to life from the dead, and if this same Spirit has entered us, He will also give life to our bodies, which are destined for death. Therefore, we have received the Holy Spirit, and by the enabling of the Holy Spirit we speak in tongues. The Holy Spirit also makes us call on the name of Jesus, and testifies that the name of Jesus is in my soul. I have seen several tens of thousands of occurrences of demons that know the name of Jesus,  tremble at it, and depart from people. God has allowed me to experience that I have received the Holy Spirit, that I am the Lord’s servant, and that the Lord is with me and dwells in me.

Therefore, I have dedicated my spirit, soul, and body and offered everything to the Lord. I did not choose the Lord, but the Lord chose me to become His servant. What the Lord said to the great disciples, He has spoken exactly to me: “Whoever wishes to follow me must deny himself, abandon all his parents, wife and children and fields, and only receive the commandment to take up his cross and follow me. Only then can you be My disciples.”

I am a clergyman dedicated to the Lord. I am not a laborer. If God uses me according to his will, I merely say “Lord, your servant is an unworthy servant”. I say this because I belong to Him. I offer everything to him 24 hours a day, and I offer my whole life to him. I am a worker to do only His work. I am a man who has received a holy duty. Amen.