God’s Warning (Mark 6:11)

The Lord was always pressed by urgency in His public life. The disciples also worked in urgency. As members of Christ’s body, it is the same with our lives. The church has an urgent mission. This is because we must quickly warn sinners about repentance and save their spirits before they perish, and we ourselves must have a sure attitude for repentance.

1. How are we going to respond?

The Lord uses the church for the sake of His urgent work, but He established the overseer to lead it. The work entrusted to the overseer is similar to warnings, but people are quickly divided into those who are worthy of being blessed and those who are not – depending on how they respond to these warnings. The Lord provides this device so that the church (already heavily burdened) will not be tied down by weariness, but run with haste.

2. What will happen?

Jesus sent the disciples in pairs to proclaim repentance. The Lord said to them at the time, “In whatever place you enter a house, whoever will not hear you, warn them about curses by shaking off the dust under your feet.” Each of us are ‘houses’ where workers of the Lord must stay, for they proclaim warnings about repentance. What will happen if we do not acknowledge the overseer (whom the Lord established) and ignore His warnings?

3. Who will you see him as?

If the overseer becomes accustomed to being afraid of what people think and cannot carry out God’s work, this is the same as the spiritual life of the church coming to an end. Therefore, all believers should endeavor not to make the overseer despair, for he is being pressured by God to work urgently. We must decide if we will see the overseer as one person among many or as one used by God. Let’s not dismiss the urgent warnings God gives through the overseer – but in this time called ‘today’, let’s run quickly in the path the Lord leads us through the overseer.

July 18, 2021

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim