November 29, 2020 Lord’s Day Service

God’s Word

(John 1:1-5)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is the Father who dwells in heaven.
Though He is spirit and cannot be seen,
heaven is full of His glory (Heb 1:3).
Heaven’s glory is true and the truth (Jn 17:3).
The truth is the Word, and the Word is called ‘the Logos’ (Jn 1:1).
The Word is a being called ‘the Logos’
and refers to Jesus (who is eternal life).
He is the life who was with God. He is the Creator (Jn 1:2).
He came into the world as a light (Jn 8:12)
and this light passes even spirit and marrow (Heb 4:12).
Heaven is where this lights dwells (Eph 5:8).
Since we saw this light, we dwell in heaven.
‘Jesus’ is the name of heaven’s glory.
It means freedom from hades (the universe) (Mt 1:21).
‘Jesus’ is the name (Phil 2:10)
of the light, the life, the Word, the truth,
heaven’s glory, and its spirit.
It is the name which shows God.
The Holy Spirit testifies to the truth (Jn 16:13).
As He is the Advocate, He became the teacher of our spirits (Jn 14:26).
〇 If our hearts possess this name,
we receive the right to become God’s children (Jn 1:12)
and are heirs to be glorified with Christ (Rom 8:16-17).
〇 The Word (Logos) belongs to heaven
and words belong to the universe (called hades).
The Word (Logos) has life, and words do not have life.
〇 ‘Jesus’ is the almighty name in heaven.
This name fulfilled God’s will and is absolutely perfect.
This name must be regarded as holy.
※ The Lord Jesus entered the world (Jn 6:37-40)
to fulfill God’s will on earth (Mt 6:10)
as it was fulfilled in heaven.