In 2006, we first had known pastor Ki-Dong Kim, Berea Movement, and Sungrak Church. And we have contacted each other in earnest with Sungrak Church since 2013. Sungrak Church has sent us continuously the word. The contents from books written by pastor Ki-Dong Kim, sermon of Lord’s day service, and the word of Berea Movement have become practical spiritual food.

Among the contents that the Sungrak Church gave us, What is the Devil?, What are Deceiving Spirits?, What are Demons? made us realize the purpose and the will of God and know spiritual realities. Before then, we had learned about religious and physical faith life according to doctrine. We had read the Bible, but we couldn’t understand the Bible spiritually, so we had faith life in fear of being overwhelmed with conscience and the law.

However, as we receive continual support of Sungrak Church, we can start spiritual faith life, free from the law and conscience, know how to serve God, and obey God.

November 11, 2019
From. Republic of Tuba.

God is with the Berea Movement, and He will work in favor. It is a great blessing for us to have the mission of the Berea Movement even if we are overseas as receiving the Lord’s day Service, Berea books, and many other contents related to Berea Movement. I am happy to receive the book What are Deceiving Spirits?.

It is a great blessing to have the book because I have learned the Devil and some spirits from the book. Also, I received great teachings from pastor Ki-Dong Kim, and I am full of happiness knowing that we can have this book and get to know useful faith life for the ministry.

Dios está con el movimiento berea y obrara a favor, es de gran bendición, el contar con el centro de misión para los que estamos afuera y recibimos las predicas y material de inglesia sungrak. Entiendo la respuesta, y me alegra poder recibir la bendición de tener el libro de los espiritus engañadores, pues ya he escuchado algo de ellos por medio del libro del diablo y algunas enseñanzas del amado Pastor y obispo mator ki dong kim, y me llena de felicidad saber que podemos tener este libro que se que nos será de mucha ayuda para el ministerio yvida de fe.

In the books written by pastor Ki-Dong Kim, he clarified the difference between the Devil, deceiving spirits, and demons. All the books are supported by the Bible.

The important thing is to understand the difference between the Devil and demons. After Jesus receiving baptism, I have the authority to defeat demons by the name of Jesus, as the Bible shows in Mark 16:17, and the Holy Spirit signs manifest. One of them is having the authority to cast out demons.

The dead spirits of the unbelievers remain in the world until Jesus comes again, and after that, they have to go abyss. Another important point is that demons enter the body through deceiving spirits into people’s minds and make people weaken. The deceiving spirits give the entrance of the demons for demons to enter people. The manifestations of the demons cause physical diseases, and they even want to kill people, even if people believe in Jesus, the disease is caused.

Despite the person being in faith, the demons can enter the bodies of the believers but cannot enter the spirit, so they must be expelled by the name of God with the Holy Spirit.

The other important point of the book is the description of Hades, which is the place where the light of God does not enter, that is, it is totally dark and the eternal prisons where the Devil and his angels are locked up.

In conclusion, we must have firm faith life. We have to repent and receive the Holy Spirit. Also, we should feed the spirit with God’s word so that the signs should manifest. The signs can manifest by preaching the word, laying hands on the sick, speaking in tongues, and cast out demons with the authority of the name of Jesus. It is clear that Jesus’ name will be praised by preaching the gospel to people who do not know Him and making them His disciples.

July 9, 2020
D. D. in Colombia

I am thankful to God for getting me connected with Sungrak Church. I read some books on Demonology written by Senior Pastor Dr. Ki Dong Kim, I am truly blessed by his books. He has a very deep knowledge of deliverance ministry and of Bible practical knowledge.

Pastor B.A. India

Christians were enemies of my clan people. Recently, I read some Christian tracts and books. After reading, my heart felt a big change. I wanted to undergo research for the religious truth. Ki Dong Kim’s books, which I’ve received Mani could make my life for the best choice of belief system. I would thank Kim for his great messages.

M. in India

Evil Spirits, which we call demons, are never uncommon among my community. Our people and I did not, do not, and will not consider demons as evil spirits. Demons are invited by village doctors/witch doctors for magic works and for healing purposes. However, nobody believes that a witch/demon is an evil spirit who tries to spoil God as well as human. I want to know more about pastor Ki-Dong Kim’s aims and objectives to write his books and to give lessons to the readers.

B. in India

My research title, “Evangelism and Its Urgencies for Salvation,” has
changed to a different title. I would like to put “Satan and His Works Among the Hindus.” Ki-Dong Kim’s books: What is the Devil?; What are Deceiving Spirits?; What are Demons? Etc. are becoming heavy weight fighters’ books for my thesis. I love these books. I have read them two times but known little. I will continue to read them too.

B. in India

The Bible reveals deceiving spirits, angels that were turned. To understand the spiritual world, we must first clearly understand the deceiving spirit. If the angels sent to serve the saints become turned, God allows the angels to become a deceiving spirit. This provided great teaching and discovery for the saints and the church. The saints must have the spiritual weapon, that is, all saints should know and prepare the common sense of deceiving spirits. It is essential that saints have knowledge about the deceiving spirit. This is not only for the pastor but also saints can solve the problem of faith and avoid deceiving spirits’ persecution if we know deceiving spirits surely.

In the two thousand years of Christian theology, the knowledge of the deceiving spirit is blank. In the theological world, deceiving spirits haven’t been unknown. The introduction of the biblical knowledge about the deceiving spirit was revealed through the book written by pastor Ki-Dong Kim. It is the first in Christianity. However, Christians blindly deny the content of the deceiving spirits and are only immersed in the cradle of God’s grace. They misunderstand that God is the one who gives us only blessings, not giving delusion. Those people have just religion praying for blessings. They are only interested in self-interest, having nothing to do with God. This faith is humanism, and it is very dangerous because they ignore the authority of the gospel and have faith life in self-indulgence.

“The Deceiving Spirit” is an extremely important theme in the three spiritual existences. In the successful ministry of spiritual guides and pastors, the knowledge of the deceiving spirit occupies an absolutely important element. The spirit of Satan dominates the entire world, and the deceiving spirits make the church go astray. A correct understanding of spiritual reality and a biblical worldview can not only get rid of the power of the Devil but also come out and be free from the illusion of the angels who were righteous. This is the spiritual value that the book What are Deceiving Spirits?, written by pastor Ki-dong Kim has.

February 12, 2014
From. DM. J