S. Leonid who lives in Ukraine received the seeding message through ‘Odnoklassinki(Social media used in Russia and requested Berea books as he
sent sincere regards and appreciation about introduction of Berea.

I solved several spiritual questions that I had through What are Deceiving Spirits. It made the Bible more clear for me. Also, I know the reason why many churches are incompetent. I think Berea books are the books that all Christians have to read. So I gave brother ‘P’ What are deceiving spirits. After ‘P’ read this book, he naturally cured an ulcer of the leg that he couldn’t help it for 20 years. Even the hospital had told him that his legs can’t be cured forever. After a few days, arrhythmia disappeared, and the disease of the thyroid gland got better.

Thanks to the Lord! I am happy to meet Sungrak Church!

L, Ukraine

Here is my testimony. First of all, I want to appreciate the general overseer of Sungrak Church for his tremendous effort, the staffs of mission center and all the members of the Sungrak Church, I said may his grace continued to keep you all in Jesus mighty name Amen. I have never been happy for long like this before, but I get to know about this church, sharing the word God that’s when I begin to experience the kind peace, protection, favour, also God deliver me from a fatal accident which could have lose my hand, but his grace kept me I thank God for that. And also thank the church for praying for me. May God continued bless each and every one of you in Jesus name.

I also want the church to continued to pray for me, there are so many challenges in Charin God word here in Nigeria, pray that God should heart.

November 20, 2020
M, Nigeria

Good morning Sir, how are you and the ministry? I just want to thank God and also to thank you for using your book that’s the word of God to reaching out to me and my family and friends. We are very happy to receive such a blessing, is great and powerful we learn a lot. thank you very much. I didn’t finish reading my copy of the book, because demand. Everybody want to read book in compound. I will love to read (Let’ us know the holy spirit and what are demons?) thanks and may God continued increase you in his ministries. Amen

October 17, 2020
M, Nigeria

Good evening sir I greet in name of Lord Jesus Christ I started reading the and I am enlightened on the deceiving spirit, demon. Sir before I am not aware of all these things but now gradually I am enlightened and I want to grow in the word of God.

Nov 1, 2020
J, Nigeria

Thank you for the books , I just received some copies of it this morning , it is interesting, pls when am done reading this copies , I will like u to send me another one, for now the one am reading is ” WHAT ARE DECEIVING SPIRIT” from what I have read so far, it has opened my eyes for more understanding , God bless ur church and pastors.

Nov 24, 2020
H, Nigeria

I am fine, am almost done with the book, the books has so much increased my faith in God, the most important thing is that it has taught me how to cast out demons, some day ago I went to evangelize to people on repentance to be born again, as I was praying with them rebuking the demons from them, the Lord open my eyes to see demons leaving the bodies of the people I was praying for, the funniest part of it was that the demons when and stand very far from where I was and pick up somethings like stone and they start attacking me but the Lord gave me victory over them, glory be to God.

I need more books ”let us know the Holy Spirit” “what is devil” “what are demons”

thanks, my greetings to everyone in the church.

December 11, 2020
H, Nigeria

The book thought me on authority that I posses to command the demon and power in Jesus’ name, it equally enlightened me on how devils deceive people and destroyed them. And studying this book it open my mind towards things of heaven thanks.

Nov 9, 2020
J, Nigeria

Greetings in Christ Sir. I have distributed the books sent to me and also studying them. God will continue to bless the ministry and its workers. I will need more copies of ‘Let us know Jesus’ for onward distribution and any other available.

Dec 24, 2020
S, Nigeria

Right know I’m in Etam L.G.A. after when I have finish giving out the books, I’m with 26 people that are in need of the books, please i need more copies books. Thank you, and may God continued to bless sungrak church, and it mission centers world wide.

Dec 17, 2020
M, Nigeria

Brother S. from Yerevan in Armenia received the seeding message through Facebook, and he replied that he want to receive Berea books. He said that his church needed spiritual books like Berea books. Also, he was sure that through Berea books written by Ki-Dong Kim, his church would learn many things.