How to start to worship on-site during COVID-19 situation?


Seoul Sungrak Church started to worship on-site along with online service from few weeks ago.

We would like to share how Seoul Sungrak Church does the worship service following the government guideline. The situation and culture in Korea might be very different from the one of Indonesia so it is better to apply it accordingly.

Already most people recognize the current situation is very dangerous and the government keeps eyes on whether the churches follow the guideline, so we are concerned about it and took some actions before the worship service.

* We produced posters to alert saints.

=> A poster of the ‘Corona 19 on-site worship guideline’ is produced and attached to various places in the church.

* For the identification of saints and storage of personal information, we made the church entrance card with the recent photo of saint and QR code and distribute it 

=> Distribute the church entrance card before the on-site worship service is started

* Some of deacons gather on Saturday to disinfect the church.

=> On Saturday, disinfect the main routes such as the main hall, terrace, lobby, lift, parking lot, and entrances on each floor for the Lord’s Day worship

Below are the contents of the poster.

Corona 19 On-site Worship Service Guidelines

1. Please use the designated place to access the sanctuary

=> There are many gates in CWMC but we open only few gates to control saints for disinfecting.

2. Please check the saints with the church entrance card

=> If you scan the QR code of the entrance card, the information of the saints attending the worship service is stored in a certain place. If there is a newcomer or a person who has not been to the church for a long time and do not have a card, make sure they fill their personal information on the paper)
->This is for the case if the government requests information attending to the worship service in the future.

3. When saints enter the sanctuary, you must disinfect and check fever every time

=> There are volunteers to check the fever with thermometer and give the hand sanitizer. It might be helpful if there is the thermal imaging camera.

4. Wearing a mask is required inside and outside the sanctuary.

=> Saints are guided to wear a mask even during the worship service

5. Please keep the social distance 2M for seating.

=> Be sure to mark the chairs that can be seated in advance and ushers guide saints to be seated at a sufficient distance according to the instructions of the guide on the day of worship

6. Do not have a group of eating together after the worship service

=> The church does not provide meals for a while.

7. Small group meeting rather than the main service will be suspended for now

=> The Korean government recommends refraining from small group meeting so we follow it.

8. When saints greet, do not handshake hands or hug each other