God must be glorified

is spirit.
Though He
cannot be seen with man’s eyes, He does His work (Jn 15:1-2).
God is the Vinedresser. He sowed a Vine
so He would be glorified (Jn 15:8).
Jesus is the Vine and He grows well.
The Vine grows to have roots and branches.
The Vine with the roots is one, and the branches are many.
There are many branches attached to one Vine.
Fruits are borne: (Isa 5:7)
the Church is the fruits (Eph 1:16-23)
and God collects the fruits.
If God is glorified,
you become a true disciple of the Lord Jesus (Ps 1:1-6).
The Vinedresser is not covered by dust. He does the ‘working’ of farming.
If the roots of the Vine grow quickly beneath the dust,
it will be given branches which bear fruit.
Jesus has the duty of the Vine. It is to take care of the Church.
The Church must be attached to the Vine to bear fruit.
The Holy Spirit gives His gifts so the Church can bear fruit.
○ God’s working cannot be seen with our eyes.
Since everything comes from Him, it is spiritual.
God works by spirit.
○ The duty of Jesus Christ is like a raised Vine on the earth.
His duty was to die in hades and rise again.
The Church must belong to the resurrected Lord to live.
○ The working of the Holy Spirit is to make the Church spiritual.
You must be full of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
His gifts are the Vine’s fruits.
※ Without being spiritual, you can never endure
and you cannot remain attached to the Vine, who is Jesus.
The Church must be full of gifts to revive.