January 19, 2020 The Devil is the Ruler of the Power of the Air (Ephesians 2:1-10)

is spirit.
God sent
the Image of God’s Person (2 Cor 4:4)
– the Only Begotten Son in God’s bosom –
as Lord and Savior (Jn 1:18).
His name is ‘Jesus’ (Mat 1:21)
and His duty is ‘Christ’ (Mat 22:41-46).
How did the One in God’s bosom show Himself?
He became man as ‘Immanuel’ (Mat 1:23).
He entered the world to be punished
on behalf of spirits under sin (Mat 20:28).
He was punished on the cross,
paid our wages and purchased us by blood (Acts 20:28).
God gives His command by oath (Heb 7:20-21)
and does not change His mind. To save us from His Law,
He who swore also pays the wages Himself.
Suffering at the cross was not murder.
God Personally chose the truth (Jn 10:17-18).
The devil uses opposers of the truth as His army.
He is the spirit who left the truth and was cast from heaven (2 Pet 2:4).
Hades is called ‘the universe’. It is the devil’s grave.
○ Those who oppose the truth are sinners to be destroyed.
They left God’s law and follow the ways of this world.
○ Today, the devil rules over those who depart from the truth.
He makes them his workers. This is disobedience.
○ God bears the sin of
rejecting His command and has pity.
He saves us by His grace.
※ We are saved by faith,
baptized by faith and set free from the devil’s net.
He put the Holy Spirit in our hearts and protects us.