Jesus is Our Living Hope (1Peter 1:3-9)

Jesus is Our Living Hope
(1 Peter 1:3-9)

God does not condemn, but loves and frees us (1 Thess 5:9).
He sent Jesus to free us from sins.

Jesus died on the cross and rose after three days.
He was victorious over the world (Col 2:15).

We have a living hope because of His resurrection.
God now protects us by faith while we live on earth.

The Holy Spirit entered us and lives there forever.
He reminds us of Jesus’ words and gives us life.
We can enjoy the joy and glory of God (1 Pet 1:8).

Let’s receive sprinkling through Jesus’ blood at any time.

Do not be pressured because of duty or compulsion.
Relax and trust and do your best.

John Kim
Sungrak Mission Center
Sungrak Church