What Happened to the Rebellious Angel? (Jude 5-7)

What Happened to the Rebellious Angel?
(Jude 5-7)

God does everything according to His plan.
God did everything through Jesus and for Jesus.

The angels were put in heaven and meant to serve God.
But some rebelled against His authority and became corrupt (Isa 14:13).

The archangel ‘Lucifer’ and his angels were thrown to the universe.
The universe is darkness or ‘hades’.
They are bound until Jesus’ last judgement.

Until then, the devil and his angels torment believers.
They want to separate them from God.
But Jesus resurrected and condemned the devil (Jn 16:11).

Let’s keep doing the right thing.
Let’s be active to preach the Gospel.

John Kim
Sungrak Mission Center
Sungrak Church