May 16, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

Jesus’ Name is like a Mustard Seed

(Mark 4:26-32)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is great.
sowed His seed in the world.
This is the name of God.
‘Jehovah’ was the name by which the angel made God known (Hos 6:3)
to the Israelites (Acts 7:30-33).
He saved Israel and led them physically
from Egypt to Canaan (Ex 3:8-10).
With this, Jehovah’s work ended (Hos 12:3-5).
God made an even greater name (Heb 1:4)
known to the world, the name ’Jesus’ (Jn 14:26).
‘Jesus’ is the name of the holy trinity,
it is the name of God’s glory, which is filled in heaven (Heb 1:3),
it is the name of the truth and the word (Jn 14:6),
it is the name of the Most High with the creation as His footstool (Phi 2:10),
it is the name of the narrow gate of salvation (Acts 2:38-39),
and the name of the harsh and narrow way of salvation (Acts 9:4-5).
God gave no other name to mankind
from under heaven (Acts 4:12).
The Holy Spirit came in this name.
○ He wants the world to be saved by this lowly name –
it is like a mustard seed which fell in Bethlehem, the smallest town in the world.
‘Jesus’ is not the name of a person immersed in the world.
○ The whole creation dwells in this name of heaven’s glory.
It is the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
‘Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.’
○ If you remember ‘Jesus’ as the name of a mere man,
you will be cursed and finally enter hell.
But if you believe it as God’s name, you will gain eternal life.
※ Is this name – which is like a mustard seed – taking root in me?
Is the name of heaven filled within me?
We should bow before this lowly name, which is like a mustard seed.