July 18, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

Jesus Walks on the Water

(Mark 6:45-52)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is the almighty Lord.
made Himself known by
coming as man and doing His work (Mt 9:8).
God is supernatural (Mk 4:41).
You must not understand God by comparing Him with nature (Mt 19:25-26)
but understand that He is supernatural (Jn 4:23-24).
Though Jesus was supernatural,
He did not break communication with God the Father
and went to a quiet place by Himself to pray (Mk 1:35).
Since the Holy Spirit makes intercession in the same way (Rom 8:26-27),
what should we do?
Prayer is the breath and lifeline of the Christian church (Mk 9:28-29).
Faith means that our spirits must be like Jesus’ spirit,
and this is how we become one with Him (Jn 14:12).
This is called ‘accompanying’ or ‘walking with’ (Mk 16:20).
Who is God?
He is the Almighty without any fear at all.
Seeking the Lord’s word
is sharing the same dignity as Him (Lk 1:37-38).
○ We are born again when the Holy Spirit enters us.
Though we have flesh, the Holy Spirit reveals His same gifts in our bodies
so that we can work together with the Holy Spirit.
○ When Jesus’ words come into us,
this is so Jesus can work together with us by these words.
Just as God is with Jesus, His eternal life is with us.
○ Faith goes beyond nature.
This is so we can overcome death and go beyond the laws of nature
with the things of God.
※ If it does not go beyond the laws of nature, it is mere religion.
The authority of hades cannot overcome our faith.
Our faith sees the glory of God’s Heir.