July 11, 2021 Lord’s Day Service

The Ministry of Jesus’ Disciples

(Mark 6:7-13)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

loves the world.
the world’s sake, He loved it with the good things
in heaven (Jn 3:16).
They are God’s Son, the word and His power (Jn 1:14).
The church of Jesus is not where you cultivate yourself religiously,
but where you receive grace from God and are saved (Acts 10:43).
God does not want to take things away from man (Acts 17:25-27)
but save them through what He loves (Mt 17:5).
If we belong to Him,
He will use us (Ps 100:3)
and we will do the work He instructs (Mk 3:13-15).
Jesus gave power and authority to His disciples
and sent them into the villages two by two
to preach the Gospel and drive out demons (Mk 6:7).
The disciples prepared no belongings, but only
the Gospel and power given by Jesus (Mt 10:8-10).
In regard to preaching the Gospel and missions, you should
fully prepare by God’s word and His power rather than belongings (Acts 3:6-10)
and work as the Holy Spirit sends you (Mk 1:12).
○ Since Jesus’ power is universal,
signs naturally follow those who believe.
He never told us to preach the Gospel without power.
○ Even if those who are powerless and incompetent say that they are disciples,
they are only propagating religion and this is without life.
Power is life. Life works together with the truth.
○ We preach the word of life, and this life is reality.
The ministry of God’s kingdom is not in word but in power.
Let’s be supported by the Holy Spirit and be armed with power.
※ If you are the Lord’s servant, demons should know and tremble.
Demons see those who are filled with the Holy Spirit’s power and tremble.
This is not surprising but to be expected.