March 13, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

Jesus is God

Mark 15:16-20

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

God’s name
is holy.
created all things and is glorified by them (Mt 6:13).
Glorifying God
means to call on His name (Phil 2:10-11),
and the One who became flesh
treated God’s name as holy (Mt 6:9).
is the image of God’s person (2 Cor 4:4).
Everything in heaven was revealed through Jesus (Jn 14:9-10),
and Jesus
is the Heir of God and one with the Father (Jn 10:30).
Those who meet Him meet with God
– this is the truth (Jn 14:6).
you can reach the resurrection of life
or the resurrection of judgment (Jn 5:25-29)
according to who you say Jesus is (Mt 16:13-17).
The Holy Spirit raised the Lord up
and is with the Father and the Son (Mt 28:19-20).
○ The Jews tried to make Christ their King
and the Romans tried to stop Him from becoming King of the Jews.
So they clothed Him in a purple robe and ridiculed Him.
○ How can God’s Son become a king in the world?
How can the One who will sit on heaven’s throne wear a purple robe?
Those who disappointed Jesus altogether killed Him.
○ The darkness of the cross
led to the King of the Jews dying. They even said Jesus was
neither God’s Son nor the King of the Jews and they crucified Him.
※ Our faith is to consider Him
as equal with God.
‘Jesus’ is not a name of the world but the name of heaven.