March 6, 2022 Lord’s Day Service

Jesus Kept Silent

(Mark 15:1-15)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is self-existing.
righteousness is eternal (1 Jn 2:1).
There is nobody under heaven who can judge Him.
It is mankind who resents and judges God.
nobody is righteous or holy before God.
Jesus is righteous and the One who judges (Rom 11:33).
Though the Lord will later judge, the world judges Him.
The elders and priests judged Him for religious reasons (Mt 27:22-23),
and Rome and Pilate judged Him for ethical reasons.
Religious people paid money for the Lord and condemned Him,
and ethical people followed group mentality and condemned Him (Mk 15:15).
Jesus kept silent about this,
for He already gave His judgement (Ps 94:2).
The righteous are judged in this world.
Jesus was crucified and hung on the cross –
the cross is a tool to erase people’s memory. It is a tree of curses.
it was meant to erase people’s memory of Jesus forever.
○ They condemned the Lord and tried to erase Him forever by the cross,
but God saved Him and reminded people about Him
and the Holy Spirit testifies to Him.
○ The people of Jesus gain life by His blood, but if they do not
receive testimony by the Holy Spirit, they cannot become witnesses.
We should open our mouths for the Lord who keeps silent.
○ Those who acknowledge the Lord Jesus will receive salvation.
Consequently, they are baptized in His name.
Because those who are baptized are united with Him, they are righteous.
※ The Lord gave believers the task of vindicating Him.
Who will defend this righteousness that is being abused in the world?
We should accept His righteousness and be His witnesses.