February 12, 2023 Lord’s Day Service

Those Who Believed but Did Not See Are More Blessed

(Matthew 1:18-25)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

No one
can see God.
Since He
is spirit, He came in spirit and spoke in spirit (Jn 6:63).
God’s word is spirit,
and the One who looks for us is spirit (Jn 4:23-24).
We do not believe by seeing with our eyes (Jn 20:29),
but believe in spirit and obey in spirit (1 Cor 12:1-3).
He told Joseph that Christ was conceived,
and Joseph believed these words and obeyed to the last (Mt 1:23-25).
Consider how difficult this decision must have been! (Mt 1:19)
Yet he did not stumble in doubt and resentment,
but believe and obeyed God’s will (Gen 15:6).
This is faith.
It goes beyond human thought or common sense (Rom 8:5-7),
and considers God’s will as most important (Mt 26:39).
Though it is hard to cope with reality or emotions,
we must certainly carry out God’s will (Mt 9:1-8).
God’s word revealed the Son (Jn 3:16),
the Son spoke about His blood (Jn 6:53-55),
and the Holy Spirit testifies to this (Jn 16:13-14).

◎ Do not compare God’s word with human ideas.
God’s will is different from human reason,
and not doubting is faith leading to eternal life.

◎ Like Joseph, the responsibility that each person must bear
concerns their faith in God’s will.
Even if our emotions are exhausted, we should believe.

◎ He gave the Holy Spirit as a guarantee
to help our faith,
so we should have faith through the Holy Spirit alone.

※ Believers must first crucify themselves.
Even if He commands something only to you,
do not resent it but believe and follow Him.