July 21, 2019 The Authority to Forgive Sins (Luke 5:17-26)

Sermon Outline

is love.
so loved the world that He sent His Only Begotten Son (John 3:16).
The love of God is, firstly, for the Son (Matt 17:5).
The Son of God is the Word (John 1:14).
The Word is the Truth (John 14:6).
The Truth is life.
Life is in the Blood (Lev 17:11).
It refers to the Blood of God (Acts 20:28).
Through the blood of the animals, God guided the Israelites in the desert (Exo 12:22-23).
But their souls could not be saved.
Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness (Heb 9:22).
The Blood of Jesus Christ
is the only love of God (1John 4:8).
Love is not an emotion.
It is the Blood of God.
God has proclaimed His love through His own Blood.
The emotion of love changes.
But the love of God through His Blood is eternal life.
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, it is Life, and it is the Spirit of love.
○ We receive salvation because of the love of God.
What is this love?
It is the Blood of God.
○ We are healed because of the love of God.
What is this love?
It is the Blood of God.
○ Jesus has the authority to forgive sins.
Since He is the Son of God, He came with the Blood of God.
The Blood of Jesus is the love of God.
※ Receive the love of God!
Only the love of God can redeem us!
Only the love of God can heal your sicknesses!

Semuon’s Letter

My beloved Sungrak people and all of the Bereans throughout the world,

My fleshly body is old and all my strength is exhausted. I do not have any strength to fight or aggressively hit back. But my soul has been saved, and as one who waits for the Resurrection when I die, one thing that I ask of you. I do not ask for any comfort, and I do not speak to justify myself. Instead, I ask that you reflect on my life – a life that has lived entirely for the sake of sincerity and truth. I ask that you make yourselves a respectable model for me, my descendants, and for all the rest of my beloved people.

I was recently found guilty in accordance to the first trial of a major lawsuit against me in the Court of Law. Nevertheless, I will not stoop – but until the second and third trial of this lawsuit – I will go up and defend myself. But before this, I have one request: I earnestly ask that you stake your own souls and you go before God to pray for me.

The state of my honor and fleshly body is too wretched to fathom. But I will take neither of these things with me when I go to God. This is the portion I surely have to endure – even if my flesh is torn, broken, crushed and sheds its blood. I believe I have suffered in my life all that a person could possibly suffer in this world. But for my entire life, what I have never stepped back from, what I have endlessly been racing forward to is the Calling of the ‘Return-to-the-Word Berea’. It was for this that I was born again, it was for this that I live, and it is for this that I will lay down my life. No matter what the adversity, I will not yield, and I will not fear. I will endure it all.

So, in accordance with your faith and an upright spirit, I ask you all to answer my question. My spirit is truly blessed. I will not fear or tremble or worry in the least. I am truly blessed through the grace of God. Within me, I possess the Blood of God through the testimony of His love. The Name of the Blood of God is ‘Jesus’. This is what I earnestly ask of you: Has there been any error in accordance with either the Bible or with the faith during my half century ministry?

‘Berea’ is the theology of Semuon. Theology is subject to theological criticism and debate. This is why I will give my life for my theology. Our faith is ‘the God-centered faith’. Let us all be thankful. Thank you very much.