July 14, 2019 God is Spirit (John 1:17-18)

Sermon Outline

is spirit.
has shown Himself to the world (John 17:3).
He sent His Angel to Israel and the Angel became their God (Exo 3:7-9).
The Angel was given the Name ‘Jehovah’. This is God’s Memorial Name (Exo 3:15).
This Name showed God’s Righteousness (Exo 19:21).
Later, God showed the Only Begotten Son, who was in His Bosom (John 1:17-18).
To save the souls of mankind, He came in grace and truth.
He was given the Name ‘Jesus’ (Matt 1:21).
God the Father is spirit. Nobody can see Him (John 4:23-24).
The Son of God was manifested from the Bosom of the Father.
Angels are created spirits.
The Memorial Name, ‘Jehovah’, clung to the descendants of Abraham.
But the Name ‘Jesus’ gives life to the spirits of mankind.
Those who belong to Jehovah are like wild olive branches (Rom 11:17).
Those who belong to Jesus are like cultivated olive branches.
If they have not received baptism, they are not cultivated branches.
Those who have been baptized are branches grafted into the cultivated tree.
If the wild olive branch comes into contact with the cultivated one,
God’s grace and the Spirit of Truth will come up from the same root (Rom 11:18).
◌ The witnesses of Jesus and the witnesses of Jehovah are like
‘the two olive trees and two lampstands’ – the New and Old Testament Church.
The coming of the Holy Spirit is the work of the New Testament Church (Rev 11:4).
◌ The witnesses of Jesus know what they worship.
But the witnesses of Jehovah worship what they do not know.
God the Father is one Person and He is spirit.
◌ Knowing the Only True God
and knowing His Son, whom He has sent, is Eternal Life.
Jesus is the Image of the Being of God, who cannot be seen.
※ To know God, you must know the Son of Man.
To know the Son of Man you must know the Word.
You can know the Word only through the Holy Spirit.

Semuon’s Letter

The Invitation Letter to the Summer Camp at MongSanPo, 2019

I invite you all – who love your own spirits, souls and bodies to the Summer Camp at MongSanPo. This summer camp will host the Fourth Phase of the Special Healing Crusade of Sungrak Church.

The purpose of our faith is not only for the sake of our souls, it is not only for the sake of our flesh. God treats a person’s spirit, soul and body as one person. And you – who are called and used by God – are invited to this upcoming Summer Camp. This invitation is not given according to the ideas of man. It is given according to the will of God. And we must exert our strength all the more so that we can love God and follow His will.

No matter how much we say that we desire to please God, we must hear what the will of God is. If we do not hear, we will only ask, “Why must I do this work?” We will remain passive even though it is clear about what we should do according to His will. What we must clearly understand is that a Holy Assembly taking place in the Name of God is not done according to the will of man.

Though God is so great, God has looked upon the world, which is so filthy. God endured the sorrow of the world and saved His people who were in the world. In order to give them comfort, He sent them His Son. The Son of God was crucified according to the will of the Father, He shed His blood, and He died. God has shown us such a sure testimony of His salvation so that His will would not be received on a conceptual level. God’s will is that He loves mankind.

God so loving the world is not an ideology or doctrine. God has shed His blood in Person, and man has seen His crimson Blood. The love God has for mankind is not an abstract love. Instead, it was revealed as reality. This is the Truth which nothing in heaven, or the universe, or the world could ever deny. The love of God which I have received is not abstract. So that God would fulfill our redemption, He shed His own Blood. Because I myself have clearly known this reality – even if it costs offering my insignificant life – I desire to be a witness to this work.

The love of God is found in His Blood. The Blood of God is itself the love of God. The Holy Spirit testifies to this. The reason demons reveal their identity and flee in terror is because they know the power of this Blood. You and I are already so sure the Word of God is the Truth. We are so sure the Word of God is the Word about His Blood. We have not gathered together to hear something interesting. We are those who are sure about the Truth of the living God. We do not doubt this reality.

Whatever flesh there is, it always has blood. We believe the Blood of God possesses power, love and grace. Therefore, we must experience His grace. Our faith is a reality. Let us all attend this upcoming Summer Camp and receive the love of God. I respectfully invite all. Thank you.