July 7, 2019 The Blood of Jesus (Hebrews 9:11-22)

Sermon Outline

is holy.
disobeyed God and received curses in their flesh (Genesis 2:16-17).
Their spirits died. In order to save their spirits,
Jesus gave His own blood as God’s very special gift (Acts 20:28).
This is called ‘Special Revelation’ (John 6:53-55).
Israel did the work of raising sheep and building the temple.
These were done with their hands.
Through the chosen priest, they performed the Atonement Sacrifice.
This was done every year as a ritual.
These are only a shadow and copy of the true things in heaven (Hebrews 9:1-10).
The Church of Jesus Christ
has received the blood and sacrifice of the Son of God.
He has become the High Priest through His Resurrection.
He has entered the sanctuary in heaven (Hebrews 9:24-25).
He is Begotten solely from God (Hebrews 10:5).
Why do we raise our voices
and sing praises with joy?
The sacrifices we offer are not rituals
but are true sacrifices found in heaven.
This is called ‘a living sacrifice’ (Romans 12:1-2).
◌ By offering a true sacrifice through the Holy Spirit,
we have received eternal redemption. We have been made perfect.
◌ Do not turn your faith into a ritual.
Use spiritual things to offer a true sacrifice.
Then God will receive it as a living sacrifice.
◌ Our faith is in the truth.
What God revealed through the Son is absolutely perfect.
He did this so that we can live eternally.
※ Believe in the blood of Jesus, rely on it, and sing praises to it.
Let’s testify until the Lord Jesus comes again.
The blood of Jesus is eternal life and power!

Semuon’s Letter

We should always be thankful whenever we go to God. What would be the reason? Whenever we come before God, we never come before Him through man-made temples, or animals reared by man, or priests appointed by man. Rather, we come before Him though the High Priest appointed by God – He is Jesus. By relying on the blood and sacrifice coming from God Himself, we come to offer a true sacrifice, that is, we offer ‘a living sacrifice’.

The people of Israel served God for a long time according to their own traditions. But God destroyed the way they served Him by the work done on the Cross. He appointed us to worship Him only through the Holy Spirit. These are the kind of worshippers God is seeking to find.

Some people are joyful and thankful though their faith is not successfully conveyed to God. Their works are no different from those done by the people of Israel: they made an idol in the shape of a calf and sang and danced before it in the desert. We must remember that God destroyed all those who had done so. All these people did these things basing their convictions on the desires and religious devotion they had from the beginning. They labored and toiled according to these convictions. But these have nothing to do with the revelation of God. These sacrifices, which have nothing to do with the revelation of God, actually lead to more sins.

So that Jesus could destroy these foolish traditions we had, He shed His blood on the cross. And we have received baptism through faith and have been united with Him. We have buried all these foolish works. But the influences belonging to the past still remain in our fleshly bodies. They lead us to commit sin. This results in us deliberately sinning after we have received the knowledge of the Truth.

I am so thankful to God. I am thankful because I have been united with Jesus – who hung on the cross – and because I have buried the Old Man. I have tried my whole life to the love the saints, to teach my disciples and to write books. This was so that I could offer them all a wholesome education in the truth. But some people still manifest their own righteousness and fall into the temptation of going towards God by their own human devotion. They end up sinning deliberately. If those who have been saved by the grace of Jesus lose their footing at just one moment, not only do they die in their own souls, but they make others join in these evil deeds. This is a truly foolish thing.

God has sent His Beloved Son into the world. He has redeemed us of our sins. The Son has become both the Object of our faith, and the Way of our faith. If a person knows this yet still turns away, he is giving up his own soul. No matter how long a person has served in his church, if he does these things, he will not receive anything.

My beloved Sungrak saints, let us all belong to the Truth. Only the Truth can make or souls free. Only the Truth can guide us out of the way of death. The only true faith is the faith belonging to the Truth. Only this kind of faith gives us eternal life. I urge that we all live our lives of faith with the faith and Holy Spirit given by God. We are all people belonging to the Truth. Man’s thoughts are not the Truth. Only the teaching of Jesus Christ is the Truth. Let us live our lives of faith through the Truth. Amen!