June 30, 2019 The Power of the Holy Spirit and the Strength of Angels (Acts 12:1-17)

Sermon Outline

is the Trinity.
created the world
and guides everything in it.
God did this for the Son (The Word). He is the beginning of God’s creation (Rev 3:14).
Creation was all fulfilled through the Holy Spirit (John 16:7-8).
The Holy Spirit is one (John 10:30).
heaven is full of angels (Mal 2:15).
The reason God sends ministering angels from heaven
is to help His saints (Heb 1:14).
But one must distinguish between
the work of the Holy Spirit and the work of angels.
The Holy Spirit works upon the word of God
through the gifts of the Holy Spirit (John 16:13).
And angels show their strength through miracles and signs.
The Holy Spirit only leads the one who obeys Him.
Angels control all human flesh (Gen 19:10-11),
and they work for the good of the saints who have been saved.
They curse the souls who have not been saved.
◌ The life of those who have been saved is a truly spiritual life.
Spiritual life
is the life which pleases God. It is the life which lives by His power.
◌ In the time of the first Covenant, one lived by the help of angels.
In the time of the New Covenant, we also receive the help of angels.
But we are guided by the Holy Spirit.
◌ The one who is led by the Holy Spirit has the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
And miracles and signs are seen through the help of angels.
The work of the Holy Spirit and the help of angels are different for each person.
※ Let’s become spiritual!
Let’s receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit!
And let’s make the angels work!

Semuon’s Letter

I have been walking on this road my whole life. This road is the road on which I carry the Calling of the Lord to go to my death. It has been appointed by God that every person dies once. No one can avoid this death. Whatever the circumstance, one’s life will end. But the Bible states that man fears death. This is why man becomes a coward and is not able to embrace true glory in death.

We learn our faith from Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ stated, “This command to lay down my own life I have received from My Father” (John 10:17-18). Once again, he says to us, “If anyone wishes to follow me, you must receive the commandment to lay down your own life. If you do not, you have nothing to do with me.”

I desire that this word will be fulfilled in me. No matter how much one resists death, he will surely die. As everyone surely dies once, I do not want to limit this to peaceful and natural death. I have already made it clear that I desire to die for the Kingdom of the Lord. I listen to the word of the Lord so I will not be condemned by the people of Ninevah and the Queen of the South. With great earnest towards the word of the Lord, I go off on a long and laborious journey each day. Wherever the truth is waiting for me, that is the place I will surely go.

What I am sure about right now is that Sungrak Church cannot exist without me. I think like this and people might criticize me that I am being proud. But I do not fear such criticisms. I have the urgent responsibility to care for the whole of Sungrak Church. This is my Calling and eternal crown.

How will I go about nurturing the faith of Sungrak Church? I have received the Calling to show this by example. I was a man of many sins. But I am no longer a sinner, but am a child of God. I am a disciple of Jesus. I have introduced ‘The Picture of God’s Will’ to the world. I have done this all by myself. I am a man of small stature, but my whole world of knowledge is within me like ‘a small mustard seed’.

My beloved Sungrak people: I ask that you stay eternally with Sungrak Church, Berea and Semuon. All this has so great historical importance, but the world severely despises this. The work I am doing is to destroy the works of the devil in accordance with the will of God. This war that started since the time of Eve will continue right until the world comes to an end. The serpent struck Eve as her enemy, but now, it is no longer the snake but the dragon who strikes as an enemy.

The world boasts of civilization and dreams of a world in which man lives peacefully on the earth. This kind of man-centered thinking tempts man by saying, “you can be like God.” Different from the serpent of the past, it has become several hundred times larger – into a dragon! It is now fighting against us. God has promised, “The offspring of the Woman will crush the head of the snake.” You and I must understand that this means God is commanding us: “You also must crush the head of the snake.” The work I am doing and the road I am walking on should be clear to all. O Lord! May Your will be assuredly be fulfilled in our Church! Amen!