June 23, 2019 The One who Possesses Blessings (Matthew 5:1-12)

Sermon Outline

is the Source of all Blessings.
When He created the world,
He gave His blessings (Gen 1:28).
He gave further blessings through Jesus Christ (Luke 24:50-51).
The blessings that people want all belong to this world (Matt 6:31-32).
The world and the ages will all soon disappear (Matt 24:35).
Just who will receive God’s blessings?
It is written that they who are poor in spirit will receive blessing (Matt 11:5).
Blessing refers to receiving the Kingdom of God (Matt 5:3).
‘Poor’ means ‘ptokos’ in the original language.
This refers to the one who is forever powerless to pay back his debts.
If one is able to pay his debts even a little, then the word ‘ptokos’ cannot be used.
The grace of God can never be paid back.
If one wants to receive grace, one must pursue ‘ptokos’.
you must dedicate yourself with all your strength in order to receive blessings (Heb 11:6).
This refers to the reward we will receive in heaven.
We must labor with all our strength to receive this blessing.
Therefore, there are two kinds of blessings
which you cannot see with your eyes while on this earth.
One is related to receiving salvation while on the earth.
The other is related to the reward we will receive in heaven (Matt 5:12).
◌ We are all spiritual people.
The spirit cannot be seen with the eyes. We cannot know the spirit except through faith.
◌ We receive grace by faith as a blessing.
And the one who dedicates himself by faith will receive a reward as a blessing.
◌ Grace refers to the blessing of life one will receive.
Obedience refers to the crown of life one will receive.
Both of these are the promises given from heaven.
※ The one who is poor in spirit – the one who pursues ‘ptokos’ – will receive grace.
Deal not with those debts that can be paid back!
Rather, deal with those debts that can never be paid back!

Semuon’s Letter

It has been decades since I have written my first book of poetry. All of a sudden, I am an old poet. I have now written my 13th book of poetry and revealed it to the world. Poetry comes from the wisdom an individual poet has. When a poet leaves the earth, his poetry no longer belongs to him. It becomes the songs that belong to others. I do not believe I write good poetry. I simply love the poetry that I have written.

If I could, I would write poetry that all humanity could read and accept. I have been a Christian my whole life. My heart, thoughts, and emotions are filled with the confession of my faith. But what I actually wanted to write was not the expression of my faith. I wanted to write honest songs. I wanted to write stories found in the world which all people could experience. As a member of humanity, I wanted to write things my fellow human beings could relate to and talk about.

This is the reason my previous twelve books of poetry were written. But I can no longer hide the cross of my faith I have taken up. I want to sing the song of my soul. My soul is very lonesome and alienated. But I have a stream of water that nobody can see. Because of this I am blessed. For my whole life, I have devoted myself to my life of faith. I want to confess this through a few humble songs. This 13th book of poetry, now written and published, contains the songs of my soul.

I never had the ambition of writing well. I merely followed the direction of my pen as songs came out from my soul in a great wave. I may sometimes appear shameful and pitiful when I express myself in my writing, but this has in fact given my soul more blessing. Religion and faith are completely different, just as culture and literature are completely different. I have written my poetry in full awareness of this difference. Whenever each book of poetry is written, I am so joyful in my soul.

As I briefly mentioned, I write poetry and I see another person read them and sing them in song. Whenever I hear other people singing these songs I have written, I am truly inspired and joyful. I do not know how long I have – but until the last moment – I want to write poetry. This is because I want to journey in this world for a long time.

Because this is the poetry of an old man, it may not fit the tastes of the younger generation. But I have heard and seen so many things, having lived on this earth for decades. I ask that no one despise what I have written. I am a poet. I am man who writes. I have written for the sake of mediating the gospel in regard to faith. But I have also revealed the world of my thoughts through my literature. I love them both.

I have a friend from China who reads, edits and translates my writing. He is a fellow poet like myself. I want to introduce him through my recently published book. He is a friend who has written his own poetry, singing the song about the life of Wolsan. I want to reveal his poetry right alongside mine.