June 10, 2018 Since We Love the Lord (Luke 10:25-37)

Sermon Outline

is love.
showed Himself to the world through His Son (Jn 1:18).
The Son is the Image of the Father’s Person (2 Cor 4:4).
Jesus Christ is the reality and image of love (1 Jn 4:8).
He did not turn away from humanity, who met with robbers.
This is the Gospel (Jn 6:37-40).
In the same way, if His saints do the same,
this is genuine faith and true love (Mk 4:19).
Though He is God’s Son and higher than heaven,
He started from Jerusalem and went to a lower place.
He suffered at the hands of robbers, was beaten and died.
Who will be a neighbor to the One abandoned like this?
Our faith is to serve the Lord who was abandoned by the world.
Jesus was abandoned at the cross (1 Cor 1:18).
Though everyone turns away and is afraid of Him,
we take the initiative and become a true friend (Jn 21:15-18).
The work of the Holy Spirit
is to save Jesus, who was killed.
The person of the Holy Spirit does not turn away from Him who died.
◌ Let us become a friend of Christ who died on the cross.
Let us love the Lord who suffered at the hands of robbers in the world.
Let us all become good Samaritans.
◌ Let us all dedicate our lives to making the Church grow.
Those who are like robbers have left the Church half dead.
Who is doing right?
◌ Let us take a stand together
and save and heal the church, which suffered at the hands of robbers.
The Church is the Body of the Beloved Lord.
※ Let us love the Lord Jesus and also love the Church
with all our heart, will, strength,
mind and life.

Semuon’s Letter

There is anold saying that states, “never judge from appearances”. With the same sense of meaning, the so-called ‘Church Reform Union’ have shown their true colors and are committing outrageous acts of evil. But no matter how hard I try to figure it out, I do not know what they are trying to reform. With the spirit of a Berean, I lead the ‘Return to the Word Movement’ in Sungrak Church. In the early past, for a period of 7 months, I, Semuon, kept a small rock tightly between my teeth, and endured persecutions for that whole period. I endured great persecutions, but overcame them all. I started the first steps of the ‘Return to the Word’ Movement in 1984, and then later, again, kept a small rock tightly between my teeth, for a later period of 8 months. I performed what is called “he who sees but does not speak”. I continued later to endure further persecutions.

In the Yesan District for the Methodist Church in Korea, I received condemnation from the religious legal courts because of the issue of baptism, and I left the Methodist church. Afterwards, all by myself, I carried around the curtain materials of a large military tent. I went around all over the country, going here and therefore a period of 10 years. Through a series of evangelistic crusades that I conducted, I cried out the message to ‘Return to the Word’. Along with the given healings and holy signs that appeared, I testified to the Word most clearly. Then, finally, with the spirit of a Berean, in the year 1973, I started a small Bible study group. It grew steadily until, in 1978, I named it ‘Berea Academy’. Later on, I taught the ‘Original Teaching of The Picture of God’s Will’ to theological seminary students and pastors of traditionally established churches that had come to hear.

During this time, I organized ‘the Original Teaching of Berea’ into a single book and revealed it to the world. After that, I compiled the ‘Berean Original Terminological Dictionary’ and the ‘Berean Spiritual Dictionary’. And starting with the book, ‘Let us know the Holy Spirit’, I gave the form and supplement of the Original Teaching of Berea by developing the Berea Official Church teaching. I developed the theory of Creation, the theory of Christology, the theory of the Holy Spirit, the theory of the Son of Man, the theory of Demonology, the theory of God, and then finally the theory of missions. These all grew into a rich variety of all the essential teachings of the gospel. I have wrote about 250 of these books, and have thus shown the core ideal and argument of Berea. I have firmly constructed all these theories. All these books have been sent to many countries and have been translated and proclaimed in many languages. In about 70 of these countries, there is a Berea Academy Institute that has been firmly planted and rooted. Lastly, I set up the Berea International Theological Seminary.

With Sungrak Church as the cradle of Berea, many things have been prepared and readied for work to be advanced towards the whole world. Starting without any money, I borrowed money from the bank, and in advance, set up the Christian World Mission Center and the Christian World Leader Center as the pair of twin cradles for the Berea Movement. We had used these and had given revival to the church. Every year we had made installment payments, and had made reimbursements. We had made plans up to the year 2026 for the debt to be lightly paid off, and after it was fully planned and finished, the whole church would unite together to give their full-hearted devotion. For the sake of the slogan of “The World as Our Pasture” we had laid down everything, and we were in the process of developing until completion.

Our objective and mission is so clear, but the so-called persons who are trying to “reform”, without being clear at all about what it is that they are actually trying to reform and advocate, they simply like to hold to the slogan: ‘Get rid of Semuon and Berea’. Is this, then, reform? The reason they are trying to get rid of Berea and Semuon, is because of envy and hatred and jealousy, which come entirely from the desires and emotions of the flesh. These have nothing to do with any idea of reform.

This is a complete deception. Therefore, the body of the Lord, which is the Church, is being made a heap of rubble, and the name of Jesus is being dishonored and shoved into the dirt. Just like the person on the way to Jericho, where the thieves met him on the path and left him half dead, Sungrak Church, which is the body of the Lord, is being abused by these thieves. In words that cannot be expressed, the church has endured unbearable afflictions. However, all of us, as good Samaritans, and not as the priests and Levites, who looked away from the body of the Lord, have come together to boldly reconstruct it. For the sake of the church, which has been abused by these so-called reformers, but are liars, we must continue to finish all these things.