June 28, 2020 Lord’s Day Service

Let Us Know Jesus

(John 4:1-14)

Overseer Sung-Hyun Kim

is the root of all blessings.
sent His servants to the world to make Himself known.
They are the angels in heaven (Lk 1:11-19).
Angels are spirits created in heaven.
They are merely shadows and copies (Heb 9:1-10).
Angels are limited in what they preach
and are servants who do not completely know God (Jn 2:13-19).
Angels preached only parables (Acts 7:53).
Parables are not the truth. They have no life and are rituals.
So whatever ritual it is, it cannot save one’s life (Gal 3:19).
God sent His Word. Hearing Him is the Gospel (Mk 1:1).
Those who hear and believe the Gospel and accept Him
gain the right to become God’s children (Jn 1:12).
The Gospel is heard in spirit and preached to the flesh (the mind).
The Gospel
is the news preached by the Holy Spirit. This is not the truth.
The truth is reality.
He came as the Word (Jn 14:6).
If you know Him who speaks by the Holy Spirit,
ask Him for life and eternal life (Jn 8:32).
〇 Let us know God and know Christ whom He sent.
Salvation is hearing the Gospel and knowing the truth.
〇 Angels preached the Law and the Prophets. They do not affect the spirit.
They only affect the flesh. They are religion (which are fleshly rituals).
The Gospel preached by the Holy Spirit affects the spirit and gives faith.
〇 The truth is preached by the Gospel, and the Gospel testifies to the truth.
Jesus is the truth, life and eternal life.
God directly sent His Son. He is the truth.
※ The Lord asks for what comes from the earth.
Faith is to ask the One who came from heaven.
It is knowing and obeying Him.