What is the meaning to depend on the Word to drive out demons?

Jesus drove out demons with the words. (Matthew 8:16)
What the demons fear the most is the word of God.
What do demons say when you cast out demons?
Wouldn’t they say that they don’t want you to read the word of God?
Demons cannot stand in the word of God.
When Jesus was tempted by the Devil, what did He do to defeat temptation?
The Lord said three times “For it is written…”.
When He insisted the word of God written in the Bible, the Devil left.

Jesus, the Son of God, also insisted the Word that we are using now.
The written word made the Devil stop immediately.
Even when people suffered, the Lord drove out demons, nothing else but with the word of God.
Driving out demons with the Word doesn’t mean driving them out just with words.
It was done with the absolute knowledge of God, and with the absolute law of God.

When people drive out demons, there are occasions when demons don’t go out.
Then I say to demons, “God cursed you. God ordered you to go out.”
And then the demons leave.
When we determine to live with the word of God, demons cannot lure us anymore.

People get lost and wander because there is no God’s word.
The reason why they are confused in faith is also that there is no God’s word.
The reason people are anxious is also that there is no God’s word.
The reason people are worried about the future is also that there is no God’s word.

God saves us from danger by sending the Word.
The enemies ruled human as soon as people were separated from the Word.
Therefore, we must determine to live with God’s word.
These are the people who live as Jesus.

My answer refers to Pastor Ki-Dong Kim’s book 『What are deceiving spirits?』Chapter 13 [A New Teaching with Authority]