Seeing the Lord Sleeping comfortably on the Ship

In the situation where water flows in the ship fighting against a furious squall and the waves,
Jesus was sleeping on a rocking ship and he didn’t show any sign of waking up.
So, disciples couldn’t help themselves and woke Jesus up.
“Teacher, don’t you care if we drown? Please do something about it.”
Then, Jesus rebuked the sea “Be still!” then the wind and wave became calm.
Jesus said to His disciples.
“Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

Quick question,
What should disciples do not to disappoint Jesus?

#1. They should have woken Him earlier.

#2. They didn’t have to wake Him up.

I think the answer is Number 2.
What is the reason?
Even if something had happened,
The ship carrying the Lord and disciples finally would have arrived the other side.

Before boarding on the ship, Jesus already told the disciples “Let us go over to the other side”.
As long as Jesus has already said,
Whether the ship is sinking or flying in the sky,
Surely the ship would arrive the other side and disciples would discover themselves arriving the other side with the Lord.

The word of God will be fulfilled.
Because, God is almighty, never changing and never lies.