June 9, 2019 Faith is Reality (Hebrews 11:1-6)

Sermon Outline

calls those things which do not exist at though they did.
gave blessings to His Son,
and also made Abraham a Source of Blessings (Gen 12:2).
received the word of God and obeyed it (Gen 15:6).
Faith is reality (Heb 1:2).
Abraham offered his tithe to Melchizedek (Heb 7:2).
The tithe is not the Law.
It is the faith of Abraham.
In accordance to the Law, the people offered their tithe as the portion to the Levites.
The tithe of the Levites
was placed in the storerooms of the House of God (Neh 10:38-39).
God has promised, “If there is always food in the storerooms of the House of God,
there will not be enough room to store all the blessings” (Mal 3:10).
God commands us to test Him about this.
The Word of God is living. It is a reality (Heb 4:12).
This faith is reality (Heb 11:1).
Jesus Himself emphasized the tithe (Matt 23:23).
He commands us to pursue justice, mercy, and faith together with the tithe.
◌ We pursue our life of faith that we can receive salvation.
Life of faith on this earth also receives blessings as a reward.
Life of faith is spiritual. But one can receive blessings in this life as well.
◌ God asks us to test our tithe and offerings to Him.
However, He has not asked us to test God Himself.
He asks us only to test Him concerning blessings.
◌ We enter Eternal Life through faith,
but he still commands us to receive testimony on this earth by faith.
The testimony to our faith is blessings.
※ Hesitating in giving your offerings
is the testimony of lack of faith in God.
The dedication and giving of offerings are the fruits of your faith!

Semuon’s Letter

Among the feasts that are celebrated by the people of Israel, the Feast of Wheat Harvest is one of them. During this time, the Israelites celebrate the passing of the Red Sea and their dwelling in the desert. This is the feast in which they celebrate what the Lord had given them – that is – the First Fruits of their harvest. Before that time, they offered their First Fruits to Pharaoh in the land of Egypt. The people of Israel had lived their lives as slaves before Pharoah in the land of Egypt and had eaten their harvest in his presence. But afterwards, they passed into the water of baptism in the Red Sea, come into the desert, and collected their First Fruits as a free body of people. In doing this, they commemorated the blessings they had received as a free people. This Day is the final Day of the Season. As the people of Israel continued to commemorate this Day, Jesus finally came in Person and commanded: “This Day is finished”. These words refer to the Day of Pentecost.

The Day of Pentecost is the final Day which closes the Feast of Weeks. It commemorates the people of Israel coming out of Egypt. On the other hand, the saints have received baptism in immersion and have been delivered from the world. They are those who are free. They eat of the spiritual food and give their thanksgiving offerings to God for the very first time during this Feast. They receive baptism and then give their thanksgiving offerings to God. This is completely different from paying your taxes in the world.

Unlike the tithe, these offerings are free will offerings and refer to the confession of faith that must be given by those who are free. If we have received baptism in immersion, come out of the world and belong to the Kingdom of God, then we must give our testimony. We must testify, “I live by the grace of God! My soul lives!” If we have received grace and live our life of faith before God, He appoints us to show our confession of faith by delivering our offerings. This is the Feast that is done in accordance with the words, “Send my people away, so that they can go and keep the Festival before Me in the desert.” Today, Christians themselves have made the exodus out of the world. They now live their lives of faith in the Church in the Desert. The saints are those who are now free: they have received the fullness of the Holy Spirit and commemorate this by giving their thanksgiving offerings.

God does not go back on His Promised word. God commands us that we are to give our offerings to Him together with the tithe. They are then to be kept in the Storerooms of the House of God. He has commanded us to test Him concerning this. Consider how frustrated God must have been when He had asked us to test Him on this!

The faith God has given us is reality. It is not a deception, but it is reality. The word God has promised by Covenant is reality. If one doubts this reality, he is still remembering the past and is disappointing God. Before we received baptism by immersion, our lives were those that had served Pharaoh in Egypt. But we have now received baptism by immersion and live our lives in the Desert. We serve God alone.

If you come to the Feast of Wheat Harvest without any devotional desire – that is – if the Day of Pentecost means nothing to you, you are not attracting the interest and love of God. The one who knows the will of God and keeps it will have the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit flowing like a powerful flood on the Day of Pentecost. This is the clear promise of the Lord. On the Day the Lord left us, He spoke to us concerning this reality. I – Semuon – have believed in God from the very beginning. I have obeyed exactly as commanded and have received the fullness of the Holy Spirit, even till this day. I bless all that they may receive the fullness of ‘Streams of Living Water’ in their souls.