June 2, 2019 Drink the Blood of Jesus (John 6:53-58)

Sermon Outline

is Life.
So that He would give us life,
He gave us the Word (John 1:4).
The Word is the life which saves our souls (John 6:63).
God desired to give us this life and save our souls.
He did this by sending Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Word (John 1:14).
Jesus said, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6).
Jesus is the Life who came to us in Person.
Mankind has no life in them because of sin.
They had perished due to sin and death (1Cor 15:56-58).
Though their flesh appears glorious (Rev 3:17),
the spirit is not the same.
The spirit is under curse, and it will finally eternally die (Rev 20:12-14).
The spirit will eternally die because the spirit remains forever.
It will go into the fire of hell and suffer eternally.
Because mankind does not know hell, they do not believe the Gospel.
hell is awaiting.
Even demons fear this place (Luke 8:31).
So that He can give life to our spirits,
the Holy Spirit makes us eat and drink the Body and Blood of Jesus (Rom 8:1-2).
◌ God knows the place where mankind will go.
If they are not righteous, they will perish.
If they are justified, they will enter Eternal Life. God knows this.
◌ God had revealed Himself for this very purpose.
Jesus Christ is the Life.
◌ Our faith is in the Resurrection of Jesus.
This is our hope.
It is the promise of God.
※ When the Last Day comes, we will immediately enter the Resurrection.
This is because there is life in our souls.
The Holy Spirit will become a witness to this!

Semuon’s Letter

To all the beloved saints of Sungrak Church and to my fellow workers who have sacrificed themselves with me for the sake of ‘The Return to the Word’ Berea!

We are all workers of public ministry who have received the Calling of God. We teach each other in the church, and all those works that we do for the sake of each other are not in any way personal. Instead, they are the works that are full of hope.

God sent the Only Begotten Son into the world, protected Him, and comforted Him. He had personally commanded the Way and Ministry for Him to do. This is the very Ministry that we refer to as the ‘The Public Ministry of Jesus’. Those who abode in His word surely became His disciples. They were with Him, and He commanded them to preach the Gospel. He gave them authority to drive out demons. Since He has also given us this work, we have ourselves assumed this public life of ministry.

From the moment the Lord called me – Semuon – I made this determination: that my whole life would be a public life of ministry. I have never labored with the thought and desire of feeding my family. In regard to my family – in the same way that God had provided Elijah with bread and water through the raven who came to him as he was lying under the broom tree – so I have left them up to the Lord’s responsibility. I have instead devoted myself completely to feeding the Body of Sungrak Church.

I have repeatedly said to my wife, “All the things that I do concern my public ministry and they belong to my public life. I am a man completely devoted to public ministry. Therefore, do not try to inquire about my work. Do not ever demand to gain your livelihood from me. You and I must both live a public life.” Because of this determination, my wife has had to endure so much. She has not once interfered with my work. Whether it was selling the house, or offering an immeasurable amount of money to God, or devoting all that I had received from the Lord and giving it completely back to that ministry, she has not inquired of it at all. She has not interfered with it in no way. She has neither quarreled or complained. I am truly thankful that God has given me a great fellow worker in spirit.

My public ministry – the public ministry of Semuon – is no ordinary ministry. It is the unique Way which the Lord has commanded me to walk. In no time at all, the finish line to this Way has come. The one who will surely succeed me will have to endure very great suffering. To hope for no suffering is like a pregnant woman hoping to expect no struggles. This is, in fact, impossible. God had already spoken to the Woman. He said, “I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; In pain you shall bring forth children”. This command from God has continued again and again until today. It is a self-evident truth that there is no childbirth with any suffering.

Until now, you have all learned from Semuon the firmly established teaching of the Mediators of the Gospel. You have all learned these in according to the Faith and Calling you have received. I repeat this again: I made the determination 50 years ago to write more than 250 books – all of which would concern the Mediation of the Gospel. Do not roam off in your spirits any longer. Instead, labor on top of this site of work which I have already prepared. Do not seek any other site of work. All the books I have written are for the faith and education of the Church. Along with the Sermon Summaries I have written, these are the treasured intellectual property of Sungrak Church. Let us protect them, keep them, and teach them. Let us continue to learn from them and fulfill the Will of God on this earth.