May 26, 2019 The Gospel is Heard with Your Ears (John 20: 24-31)

Sermon Outline

is spirit.
cannot be seen with the eyes of the flesh (John 1:18).
God is only to be heard and believed through His Word. (Rom 10:15).
This Word was present from before all eternity (John 1:1).
Though the Word has appeared so that we could finally see Him (Matt 1:23),
if we do not hear Him with our ears and believe, we cannot know Him (Rom 10:17).
By hearing His Word and believing in it, we know that He is true and living.
We have the evidence that God is with us.
Jesus is the Image of the God’s Being (2Cor 4:4).
We do not believe in something that does not exist.
But we have the evidence of whom we believe in (Heb 11:1).
We cannot see the Holy Spirit with our eyes (John 14:17).
But He guides us into all the Truth (John 16:13).
He testifies with power to the One who cannot be seen with the eyes (1Cor 12:7).
If we want to see God,
we must receive the Holy Spirit (John 20:22),
and we must carefully hear what the Holy Spirit says (Rev 3:22).
The Holy Spirit testifies to Him as if He can be fully seen.
The testimony that we have received the Holy Spirit is the manifesting power (Mark 16:20).
◌ The faith that Jesus is pleased with and accepts is that faith
that hears and believe in the words of those who have the testimony of God.
Therefore, faith comes only by hearing.
◌ Even if you are a disciple of Jesus, if you do not believe in the Word,
Jesus will be greatly disappointed.
A true disciple will remain in His Word.
◌ “To whom shall we go? You have the Words of Eternal Life.”
It is this faith that receives Eternal Life.
Hear the Word with your ears and accept it into your spirit.
※ If you want to preach faith, hear the Word,
believe that this Word is the truth,
and then preach this Word into other people’s ears.

Semuon’s Letter

Time has quickly passed. Half a century has gone by without anyone knowing. It has been 50 years since I founded Sungrak Church. During all that time, we have fully known and experienced that God is living. God chose a farm boy like me, made me read the Bible with all of my strength, and finally sent me – as Semuon – into the field of the Lord’s work.

I left my mother church and was invited to various places to testify to the Gospel. As I went throughout those places, I understood something very shocking. I lead revivals and visited roughly a thousand churches and 62 denominations. But among them, there was almost no church that had received genuine grace from God. They were all religious churches, full of rituals and formalities, and could not turn from their pitiful states.

God commanded me to go throughout the country as a travelling revivalist. I carried a super-sized tent, going around wherever there was an empty area and setting up my tent there. This is the way I conducted the ‘Ministry of the Gospel of Healing’. The word of the Lord Jesus Christ states, And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs’ (Mark 16:20). Just as is stated, I experienced this word so closely. How can I find the words to express all the signs I had witnessed?

This is the way I became a Minister of the Gospel of Healing. Through the truth, grace, gospel, and power given me by God – like a great boulder – I smashed the hardened faiths of all these religious Christians. Great grace had come upon them all. If I had entered into one of the established denominations, I would have possessed a religious faith. My soul would have been hardened like an old fossil. It would have perished. Even if I still conducted a ministry as a pastor, I fear I would not have been able to go beyond denominational categories. My soul would have fossilized and perished. When the time had come, God gave me the opportunity to work with ‘The Independent Missionary Association’. I made this unmovable determination: to set up an Independent Baptist Church once I had become a pastor. I swore this promise before God and set up Sungrak Church in its fulfillment.

I predicted from the very beginning how surely harsh and difficult this Road would be. But if I gave my life for it, I knew I could achieve great victory. In the same way that the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, so God had pushed me on this narrow road. Once coming on this road, I completely cut myself off from the honor, glory and comfort of the world. Afterwards, I walked only with the Lord and wholly relied on the inspiration given me by the Holy Spirit. This is the way I preached the word of God and wrote books for the sake of the Berea Movement.

The ‘Return to the Word’ Movement has its area of calling towards the whole world. It can only be done by us through the Word as given by the Holy Spirit. So whenever I write books for the sake of the Berea Movement, or whenever I draft Summaries for my Sermons, or whenever I write Pine-Bamboo-Rock addresses – I write all in one go, from beginning to end. It is the skill and ability of an essayist. I write only that the Word of the Holy Spirit can be revealed.

I am now great in years. The day appointed for me by the Lord is before my very eyes. I have no regrets or greed concerning this world. All that I desire is that when I leave this world, my Sermon Summaries can be used as material for future books. I desire that such books can be used to systematically educate Sungrak Church. These Sermon Summaries are concise samplings that speak about the Truth. Do not spend your energy on other matters. I ask all Bereans who ‘Return to the Word’ that they will always avidly use these Sermon Summaries.