May 19, 2019 What shall we ask for? (2 Corinthians 12: 1-10)

Sermon Outline

is eternal.
The works
that God has started are eternal (Matt 6:13).
Just as God fulfilled His own Will in heaven,
so Jesus came to the world to fulfill this same Will (Matt 6:10).
Jesus did this work.
He desires that His disciples also do the same (John 14:12).
His disciple Stephen died doing this work (Acts 7:59-8:1)
and Paul succeeded to it.
The inspiration of Elijah was given to Elisha in a double portion.
It was given right after Elijah went up to heaven (2 Kings 2:14).
The work of God does not decay as time passes by.
It does not end with the passing of generations (Matt 24:35).
The saving work done by Jesus continues even after His ascension.
And the Holy Spirit came and continues this work (Acts 1:8).
What is it you are seeking for today? What are you seeking in this generation?
What is it you are seeking at this very moment?
Are you seeking the things of the world that will soon decay?
Or are you seeking the things that are eternal?
The work of the Holy Spirit will be with us forever (John 14:16-17).
◌ Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.
The One who was with the most eminent disciples
is still with the servants of today’s Christian Church through the Holy Spirit.
◌ The disciples of Jesus did their work as they went throughout the world.
These works are being done the same today by the servants of God.
These works are done through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
◌ Who can be the Elijah of this generation?
Who can receive a double portion of Semuon’s inspiration?
The one who catches the fallen cloak of Semuon can do so!
※ The things of the world are in vain.
But the power that comes from heaven will last forever.
Who can be the Elisha of ‘The Return to the Word movement’?

Semuon’s Letter

I have now conducted my ministry for over half a century, and all my bodily strength has been spent. Supporting this skinny, frail body of mine is truly difficult. My bones have lost their flexibility, the bones of my back have lost their strength. My eyes no longer function properly, as if a great fog has permanently invaded my eyes. I hear sounds in my ears, but I cannot catch them all. Sometimes I cannot hear anything. I have lost my appetite. The maximum intake for each meal is now a fifth of what it used to be.

Rather than having hope in this world, my hope concerning (the sleep of) Paradise gets increasingly bigger. My voice used to be as loud as a lion, but it is now broken to pieces. It is all crooked. Though I try to speak with all of my might, the sounds that I make are weak. If I do not write books for Berea, I want to lie down and sleep. If I do not lie down, I write again. I try to write every single day. The seasons have past, and my body is nothing but a corpse to be slandered. But the name of Semuon is a shield that can block the attack of all arrows.

During the 60 years in which I have lived my spiritual life, Sungrak Church has borne fruit for 50 of those years. If my God – the Lord Jesus – did not guide me in Person, I would have perished from the earth. The Lord speaks to me. He says, “You still have work to do. You will only leave the earth by My permission”. Therefore, I am nothing but thankful that He has revealed this to be. I humbly obey.

Until the Lord strikes Semuon down, until Semuon becomes worn out, until he is severely brought down low, until he crumbles to pieces, until his body fades away – until that day – he will do the work that has been entrusted to him. God has commanded me to establish ‘The Picture of God’s Will’ on top of the Rock. He has commanded me to set up Three Pillars over it and has declared that they be the foundation of the House of God’s Righteousness. These Three Pillars are (1) The Immanuel (2) Baptism by Immersion (3) and The Resurrection. These Pillars are the Truth. Apart from these Three Pillars, there are no others. The Name of Jesus is the Name of all Three Person of the Trinity.

The time was ripe for the fruits to mature, but a strong wind has come and tries to make the tree stumble. Just consider how many good fruits might have appeared! The strong wind has still not stopped blowing. This wind, which is the spiritual authority of this world, has not settled. Until the fruits have truly matured, this wind will continue to fiercely blow. Just where has this strong wind come from? It comes from those who have not lived their faith by the Spirit but have acted by the strength of their religious conscience.

They have hurled down shame. They have used dirty tricks. The motive was to erase Semuon from the earth. Even those who ought to have stayed by my side have stumbled. They appeared faithful, but it is now clear they are trying to maliciously pull Semuon down. Thankfully, God has preserved some people like me and commanded them to endure. The remnant of these fruits are fighting and gaining victory against this strong wind.

In order for the church to live, Semuon must live. ‘Ki Dong Kim’ can return to the dust. But if Berea and Sungrak Church is to live, Semuon must absolutely live. We are those who have received the Calling of God in this generation. We will receive the glory of God. But this is my humble request:  whatever force tries to get rid of Semuon, you must all defend and protect him.