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From 1990s through year 2000, about 800,000 people of the former Soviet Union immigrated to Israel. A lot of Jewish-Russians went back to the land of their fathers in the stream of the immigration.

Russian team in Sungrak Mission Center got letters from a pastor in Israel. He speaks more Russian than Hebrew because he is one of the immigrant from Russia to Israel during the years. One day, he had a chance to read ‘What are Demons?’ on the website, however, it only previewed chapter one so, he contacted our Russian team in Sungrak Mission Center to know more about the book. After reading the books sent from us, himself and his church are trying to learn the Word of God from Berean books and sermons. Besides, he is making an effort to share this precious truth with others and to be a channel of blessing.

At long last, the Word of Berea is flowing into Israel by one true person who understands the blessing of God. Shall we expect that it will start to bless all people in Israel?

I am delighted to have released the three volumes in the Demonology Series: What is the Devil? (I), What are Deceiving Spirits? (II), and What are Demons? (III). People often use the word Devil, but not so much the word demon. However, the Bible makes many more references to the word demon than the words Devil or Satan.

The operations of the Devil, deceiving spirits, and demons are all different from one another; even their identities are different. Nonetheless, many people confuse their works and fall into foolishness and ignorance. The Devil, deceiving spirits, and demons desire to hide their identities. To them, their exposure means their eradication.

The Devil is the spirit that originally fell from Heaven to Hades. As the spirit that holds the authority of the air, he constantly travels (Job 1:6) between God and man to cause division (Rev. 12:9). Deceiving spirits are some of the angels that were sent to help the saints but now have turned (1 Kings 22:10-23). Demons are spirits that cause the curses and sufferings that we all experience.

As Christians, rather than slandering those who know what we do not know, we should be thankful that others have discovered important truths and praise God for His great authority bestowed on us. Knowing the enemy is the road to victory. The sad reality is that rather than discerning the enemy, many are giving him the opportunities to take advantage of them.

If anyone reads this book and implements the principles, the signs of the Lord will definitely follow them and the demons will leave screaming in fear.

“O Lord! Rather than slandering one another, help us to be humble and understand one another so that we may possess the power to overcome the enemy. Let your great power be upon those who read this book. Wherever the Gospel is preached, let the enemy be annihilated! Amen.”

September 1986
Ki-Dong Kim
Nom de plume Semuon