If you click on the cover of this book you can read chapter 1.

I think we are in touched through divine plan of God and knowing about “Sungrak Chuch” is really inspiration for me and hope one day I will visit this church with my family.

Thank you very much for the books, I got couple of parcels and found wonderful books, couple of them I already read and I am very much blessed by the “deceiving spirit”. As I already requested you that I am running a Bible College and I want to put these books in our Library, could you please send me all English books, five of each book. Personally I am blessed by these writings and want my students to read this practical material. Please if you can do this it would be great help for our Institution.

Thank you very much

God Bless you

February 4, 2020
L. M. from India

Thanks very much for your book sent to me.
what are deceiving spirits.
Very very useful and informative.
God bless you all.

Yours in His Mission in India

February 4, 2020
Pastor B. A.

The world is full of sin, corruption, and indescribable sufferings. To heal the endless sufferings, more hospitals and pharmacies are being expanded. There are more and more counselors. More police stations are built with greater disciplinary measures. However, because the source of all problems is not addressed, there is no end to problems.

Man’s actions come from his heart, which is rooted in his spirit. If man’s spirit does not receive proper instruction from God, then it wanders aimlessly like an orphan. The source of corruption and sickness is demons. And demons rely on deceiving spirits to carry out their work.

Deceiving spirits are angels that have become corrupt. These are angels that were initially sent to help those who are saved, but later turned.

If enough knowledge and principles concerning the deceiving spirits were acquired, then pastors and even laypersons would truly benefit when it comes to dealing with personal and family problems. Too many people are experiencing perils because they are ignorant of deceiving spirits. The cure for chronic diseases and habits would be easily obtained if one could discern the work of deceiving spirits.

Through this book, you will definitely discover the reality of the power of the Gospel. This book is for everyone, especially for those who are in the ministry.

August 1985
Ki-Dong Kim
From his office