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Those who belong to Christ Jesus call God, “Father,” and live as children of God. Thus, our environment is not another culture but the spiritual world.

He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning (I John 3:8).

The Bible explains that the origin of sin is the Devil. Therefore, the absence of the knowledge of the Devil is the absence of the will to battle against sin. Jesus Christ overcame sin, and He suffered and died on the cross to destroy it. Jesus resurrected because God raised Him from the dead. Those who are of this Christ Jesus should know about the Devil’s original connection to sin. Without knowing about the Devil and his involvement to sin, the problem of sin just becomes a conceptual or religious issue. Knowing that the Devil is the originator of sin will help believers to understand that sin is a spiritual issue.

Nevertheless, Christianity today is spiritually ignorant. They only acknowledge the Devil as a conceptual being and fall into the danger of suffering at his hand. For the last fifty years, I have continued my ministry handling this issue of the Devil as a real spiritual being and the origin of sin. I have stood my ground even in the midst of adverse persecutions and misunderstandings because the Bible teaches thus so.

I was able to submit a more comprehensive collection of seminars and transcripts for a better-revised version of this book. My deepest appreciation goes to evangelist Ki Taek Lee, who was instrumental in providing in-depth materials to complete this project. My thanks also go to the Berea Press for their diligent work.

I earnest pray that Christians would humbly kneel before the Bible, that they would read and verify the contents of this book as Scriptural, and more than ever be empowered personally and in ministry.

July 2007
Ki Dong Kim