From Chile

Blessing as a brother in the faith of the Latarua community of nine Araucania in Chile. There was a lot of blessing for teaching to return to the words. Now we know that, if the teaching is applied, the result is beautiful with spiritual power and growth.

We thank God for meeting Senior-Overseer Ki Dong Kim and knowing his testimony through his books. Also, other parts of his teachings has spread and changed many people spiritually from his consistent sermon about God, Jesus, and passion toward the Lord. We are an example and motivator to become true disciples of Jesus like him.

My dream is to be a pastor who does and teaches Berea Movement to other parts of the world supported by signs and wonders. Moreover, I want to be a local and international planter of the church performing signs and wonders. This is my prayer and my calling that I will fulfill.

I pray for Sungrak Church, Senior-Overseer Ki Dong Kim and Overseer Sung Hyun Kim. Also, I pray for Berea Movement that continues in the world and nourish saints for the command told by Jesus.

Bless you. Thank you.
From Ivan, in Chile

From China

Dear respected Senior-Overseer and Overseer,
In celebration of 50th anniversary of the mother church, greetings on behalf of church members of ‘Happiness Berea Church’! We were very touched and grateful watching 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service of the mother church. Senior-Overseer is a noble saint that became stump of the Berea Churches. He is the most respected, proud teacher, and mother of all Bereans.

Thank you Senior-Overseer, we sincerely appreciate Senior-Overseer for protecting the truth enduring hardship and persecution for 60 years. Selflessly, you have stood ministry through righteousness and mercy of God. We, ‘Happiness Berea Church’ is the fruit of the mother church.

We all love and respect Senior-Overseer. Senior-Overseer, please stay relieved. We will follow the mother church led by Sung Hyun Kim to preserve our original word of Berea and construct our church that stands the calling of Berea Movement!

We hope that the Senior-Overseer and Overseer be filled with the power and inspiration to lead the Berea Movement all over the world. Also, we hope the mother church be more robust and revive.

December 7th, 2019
From Woo Missionary of the Happiness Berea Church.

From Moldova

We congratulate you on the 50th anniversary of our church!
“Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God” (1 John 5:5 NIV).
To the Sungrak people and Bereans in the Lord: Christ has risen! He has truly resurrected! We always rejoice in the resurrection of Christ and keep custom to greet our brother and sisters. This is because God’s grace and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are filled inside the spirits of those who believe in Christ – who resurrected. Though I am geographically distant from the Word of the Resurrection, I greet Sungrak Church – who is spiritually near.

50 years ago, the Lord constructed Sungrak Church and other Arks of salvation. He blessed them. He did this for the sake of those sunk in the pit known as ‘the world’. All during this time – how many spirits entered this Ark known as ‘Sungrak Church’ and were saved and cleansed? How many spirits today are being saved in this Ark? How many spirits will continue to be saved in this Ark to live forever with the Lord Jesus Christ? No one can count the number.

Only the Lord knows. In the midst of this – you are all admirable workers. You admirably carry out the work of salvation with love and truthfulness. I pray all Bereans and Sungrak people will be full of God’s grace and blessing. I pray this with boldness!

“I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the love you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them” (John 17:26 NIV).

Written by Pastor V.E. in Moldova.